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Trump administration considering even lower refugee limitsSep 20, 6:27 PM EDT
Trump call for keeping refugees close to home angers LebanonSep 20, 8:55 AM EDT
As Syrian war winds down, Israel sets sights on HezbollahSep 20, 2:24 AM EDT
Prosecutor: College player who died had been drinking, fellSep 19, 5:48 PM EDT
President Donald Trump's speech to the UN General AssemblySep 19, 4:50 PM EDT
Israel says it downed Hezbollah drone headed toward GolanSep 19, 8:12 AM EDT
Photographer who died in Vietnam named honorary MarineSep 18, 3:03 PM EDT
Israel and US open first American military base in IsraelSep 18, 2:57 PM EDT
Millions of world's children lack any record of their birthsSep 16, 6:01 AM EDT
Qatari emir meets Merkel, Macron in 1st trip since crisisSep 15, 11:35 AM EDT
AP News Guide: What to know about the Qatar crisisSep 15, 2:01 AM EDT
Stepdad eyes man's stress disorder in mom's hospital killingSep 14, 8:45 PM EDT
Rights group says millions in Syria school aid goes missingSep 14, 1:22 AM EDT
The Latest: Neighbor: Slain patient loved hearing kids laughSep 13, 4:49 PM EDT
Putin meets Lebanon PM Hariri in Russia visitSep 13, 11:30 AM EDT
Tunisian women's rights plan rattles Muslim traditionalistsSep 13, 2:32 AM EDT
Authorities: Man shoots mother dead in hospital, is arrestedSep 12, 11:15 PM EDT
The Latest: Victim identified as shooting suspect's motherSep 12, 10:10 PM EDT
Syria signs Aleppo power plant contract with IranSep 12, 11:45 AM EDT
Lebanese film director briefly detained over Israel visitSep 11, 10:57 AM EDT
Hundreds march in Romania to honor Holocaust survivor WieselSep 11, 5:38 AM EDT
AP Interview: Priyanka Chopra urges more Syria refugee helpSep 11, 3:56 AM EDT
Israeli jet causes sonic boom over southern LebanonSep 10, 5:53 AM EDT
Del Toro's 'The Shape of Water' wins Golden Lion at VeniceSep 9, 6:13 PM EDT
Alums invited to stay at Penn State frat where pledge diedSep 8, 6:18 PM EDT
1-25 of 34