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Seeking to block rival, Abbas calls for Fatah, PLO electionsOct 20, 2:15 PM EDT
Israel indicts couple who traveled to Mosul to join ISOct 20, 12:13 PM EDT
Top commander says Lithuania considering Patriot missilesOct 20, 9:37 AM EDT
Asian consortium looking to buy Premier League team HullOct 20, 7:04 AM EDT
US shifts aid away from Egypt citing impedimentsOct 19, 2:53 PM EDT
Roman coins ID'd in Japanese ruins, but their origin bafflesOct 18, 9:18 PM EDT
US, UK say support is weak for military action against SyriaOct 16, 3:56 PM EDT
Reports: High-level Syrian delegation arrives in EgyptOct 16, 12:02 PM EDT
The Latest: BRICS nations vow to speed global recoveryOct 16, 8:44 AM EDT
Russia envoy: Tensions with US are probably worst since 1973Oct 15, 10:13 PM EDT
Egypt's president predicts long war against Sinai militantsOct 15, 11:39 AM EDT
Russia: Syria meeting aims to isolate Nusra extremistsOct 14, 6:50 PM EDT
Israel suspends cooperation with UNESCO over Jerusalem draftOct 14, 12:53 PM EDT
Egypt inches toward IMF bailout as shortages, prices enrageOct 14, 12:41 PM EDT
Egypt denies Ethiopian allegations it supports rebelsOct 13, 2:46 PM EDT
Raging tuk-tuk driver bashes Egypt economy, video goes viralOct 13, 1:22 PM EDT
Rights groups criticize detention of Emirati activistOct 13, 3:34 AM EDT
Jordan's airborne monuments men discover, protect sitesOct 12, 1:48 PM EDT
Egypt finds other sources after halt in Saudi fuel shipmentsOct 12, 11:47 AM EDT
Russian, Egypt troops to hold drill on Mediterranean coastOct 12, 11:00 AM EDT
Kuwaiti media says 2 Iranians freed after mistaken arrestOct 12, 2:57 AM EDT
UN expert warns of growing curbs by Egypt on civil societyOct 11, 2:20 PM EDT
Egypt admonishes US embassy over travel warningOct 8, 6:25 AM EDT
Bradley tackles 'snobbery' as pioneering US coach at SwanseaOct 7, 5:11 PM EDT
Nobel Prizes for peace talks are usually shared by 2 sidesOct 7, 11:36 AM EDT
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