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Saudi police arrest 46 cell members linked to Medina bombingApr 30, 12:13 PM EDT
The Latest: Trump: We can't let NKorea build better missilesApr 30, 11:53 AM EDT
Trump's UN envoy often off-message, seems in his good gracesApr 30, 11:01 AM EDT
Egypt court sentences cleric to death in absentiaApr 30, 8:03 AM EDT
Pope to Catholics: get out, spread faith, help cholesterolApr 30, 7:30 AM EDT
Pope's timely Egypt visit comforts grief-stricken ChristiansApr 29, 5:41 PM EDT
Pope repeats refugee 'concentration camps' remarksApr 29, 4:39 PM EDT
The Latest: Pope urges Egypt's clergy to remain positiveApr 29, 11:10 AM EDT
UAE's battle-hardened military expands into Africa, MideastApr 29, 2:01 AM EDT
Pope Francis arrives at Cairo's Al-Azhar, highest seat of world's Sunni Muslim learning, to meet Egypt's grand imamApr 28, 9:47 AM EDT
Italy arrests man with alleged links to Berlin terror cellApr 28, 9:30 AM EDT
Turkey arrests American and Briton entering from SyriaApr 28, 8:53 AM EDT
AP Explains: Who are Egypt's Coptic Christians?Apr 28, 8:21 AM EDT
Seen as a setback to justice, Egypt ratifies judges' lawApr 28, 8:11 AM EDT
10 Things to Know for TodayApr 28, 7:32 AM EDT
Germany passes controversial security agreement with EgyptApr 28, 4:29 AM EDT
Germany investigates reported slurs yelled at crash victimApr 27, 10:01 AM EDT
Abbas to stop funding electricity in Hamas-run Gaza: IsraelApr 27, 8:52 AM EDT
Pope faces balancing act in Egypt amid security fearsApr 27, 3:47 AM EDT
Egyptian artist paints church murals, unfazed by attacksApr 27, 2:09 AM EDT
Angry debate in Egypt over reforms in Islam against radicalsApr 26, 11:47 AM EDT
Officials: Egypt tribesmen burned militant alive in SinaiApr 26, 7:16 AM EDT
Egypt steps up security ahead of pope's visitApr 25, 11:47 AM EDT
Pope tells Egypt ahead of visit he comes as peace messengerApr 25, 8:19 AM EDT
Egypt's tourism officials insist popular sites are safeApr 24, 3:21 PM EDT
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