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The Latest: Senator seeks immediate reporting of sex abuseFeb 17, 6:37 PM EST
Michigan sports doctor to stand trial in sexual assault caseFeb 17, 5:14 PM EST
Senate roll call vote on Pruitt to head EPAFeb 17, 2:42 PM EST
Dems call for Sessions to recuse himself from Russia probeFeb 15, 6:51 PM EST
Senate roll call vote on Obama-era gun ruleFeb 15, 5:56 PM EST
Senate roll vote on Steven Mnuchin to be treasury secretaryFeb 13, 10:25 PM EST
Senate roll vote on Jeff Sessions for attorney generalFeb 8, 10:43 PM EST
The Latest: DeVos sworn in as education secretaryFeb 7, 6:11 PM EST
Senate roll vote on Education pick Betsy DeVosFeb 7, 2:56 PM EST
A moment in history: The American story renewed Jan 21, 3:04 AM EST
1-10 of 10 

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