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EU official backs Spain in fight against Catalan secessionNov 19, 9:21 AM EST
The Latest: Zimbabwe party expels members close to 1st ladyNov 19, 9:19 AM EST
Zimbabwe ruling party says Mugabe goes or impeachment startsNov 19, 9:09 AM EST
Secret Service apprehends attempted White House fence jumperNov 19, 9:07 AM EST
Pope devotes Mass to poor, calls indifference a 'great sin'Nov 19, 8:55 AM EST
Trump era sparks new debate about nuclear war authorityNov 19, 8:51 AM EST
Syria: IS militants defeated in final strongholdNov 19, 8:45 AM EST
French skiers to start in Lake Louise after Poisson's deathNov 19, 8:44 AM EST
Saudis, allies discuss Iran ahead of Arab League meetingNov 19, 8:42 AM EST
Some firsts among 32 US students picked as Rhodes scholarsNov 19, 8:33 AM EST
List of US students named as Rhodes scholars for 2018Nov 19, 8:32 AM EST
India passenger train hits and kills 2 Asian elephantsNov 19, 8:17 AM EST
Zimbabwe ruling party: Mugabe must resign as president by noon Monday or impeachment to startNov 19, 8:11 AM EST
Juncker: EU backs Spain in fight against Catalan secessionNov 19, 8:00 AM EST
Fleetwood wins European Tour's order of meritNov 19, 7:51 AM EST
Top China diplomat talks refugee crisis with Myanmar leadersNov 19, 7:22 AM EST
Rioting in Kenya after murder of 4 in alleged ethnic attackNov 19, 7:21 AM EST
German parties forge ahead with talks on new governmentNov 19, 7:11 AM EST
Insider Q&A: Health data helps doctors pick drugsNov 19, 7:00 AM EST
Israel PM says security must come first in any peace planNov 19, 6:45 AM EST
Turkey bans all LGBTI events in Ankara, citing securityNov 19, 6:44 AM EST
Driver in Japan dies in crash with truck driven by US MarineNov 19, 6:43 AM EST
Zimbabwe: A guide to what's happened so far in Mugabe dramaNov 19, 6:08 AM EST
Taliban attack checkpoints in Afghanistan, killing 6 policeNov 19, 5:41 AM EST
European cities battle fiercely for top agencies leaving UKNov 19, 5:30 AM EST
1-25 of 3694