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Gunmen launch attacks near Freeport Indonesia mine; 3 hurtOct 21, 10:38 AM EDT
Landslide in northern Malaysia kills 3; 11 more trappedOct 21, 4:31 AM EDT
No distress call after fishing boat with foreign crew wrecksOct 20, 7:41 PM EDT
Countries with the highest pollution deaths, mortality ratesOct 20, 12:03 PM EDT
Australia dismisses North Korea letter as rant against TrumpOct 19, 11:58 PM EDT
East Timor government suffers defeat in parliamentary voteOct 19, 11:50 PM EDT
Excerpts from letters written by a young Barack ObamaOct 19, 10:14 AM EDT
Turkey seeks Nigeria's support against US-based clericOct 19, 8:48 AM EDT
Evidence presented in Kim's killing hasn't ruffled defenseOct 19, 4:31 AM EDT
Qatar's leader urges end to trade embargo, calls for talksOct 18, 6:16 AM EDT
Files show new details of US support for Indonesia bloodbathOct 17, 12:27 PM EDT
Indonesian couple take refuge in candidate's churchOct 16, 11:13 AM EDT
Group: Orangutan orphans a sign of habitat destructionOct 16, 6:45 AM EDT
Malaysia rolls out red carpet for Qatar's emirOct 16, 6:31 AM EDT
Goalkeeper dies after collision in Indonesian league gameOct 16, 2:58 AM EDT
Volcanoes on 'Ring of Fire' remind Asia of its seismic perilOct 12, 10:38 PM EDT
HSBC appoints new CEO to replace retiring Stuart GulliverOct 12, 6:55 AM EDT
Volcanic eruption in Japan spreads ash in 4 cities, townsOct 12, 6:33 AM EDT
'Ring of Fire' volcanos remind Asia of seismic perilOct 12, 5:25 AM EDT
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines launch joint air patrolsOct 12, 4:24 AM EDT
Cambodia deports Chinese accused of operating online scamOct 12, 3:28 AM EDT
Indonesian man, told to leave US, seeks sanctuary in churchOct 11, 8:42 PM EDT
Catalonia closely watched from Scotland to South PacificOct 11, 12:42 PM EDT
250 years after Washington drained it, feds soak a swampOct 11, 12:25 PM EDT
Indonesia bishop resigns in finance, mistress scandalOct 11, 10:14 AM EDT
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