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US not seeking death for Guantanamo detainee in Bali bombingJun 28, 7:37 PM EDT
Obama and family move from Bali to Java on Indonesia holidayJun 28, 10:55 AM EDT
German hiker missing on dormant Indonesian volcanoJun 26, 11:08 AM EDT
Trump's Indonesian business partner slapped with travel banJun 26, 7:32 AM EDT
Coal on the rise in China, US, India after major 2016 dropJun 26, 3:34 AM EDT
AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from the past week in AsiaJun 26, 1:08 AM EDT
Militants hit Indonesia police; 1 officer, 1 attacker deadJun 25, 6:06 AM EDT
East Timor returns 2 foreign inmates who escaped Bali prisonJun 24, 7:34 AM EDT
US charges Guantanamo detainee with Bali, Jakarta bombingsJun 23, 8:20 PM EDT
East Timor arrests 2 foreigners who fled from Bali prisonJun 23, 5:21 AM EDT
Philippines, neighbors to jointly fight militants amid siegeJun 22, 8:04 AM EDT
Indonesia arrests 41 suspected militants since May attackJun 22, 6:10 AM EDT
UN says world population will reach 9.8 billion in 2050Jun 21, 11:04 PM EDT
Australia: US vetting of Pacific island refugees nearly doneJun 21, 5:53 AM EDT
Singapore arrests 2 police over plan to join Syria conflictJun 20, 9:50 AM EDT
Religious, indigenous leaders demand rainforests be savedJun 19, 8:48 AM EDT
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines launch joint sea patrolsJun 19, 5:31 AM EDT
Indonesian police: 4 foreign inmates escape from Bali prisonJun 19, 4:20 AM EDT
IS threat in Southeast Asia raises alarm in WashingtonJun 18, 12:56 PM EDT
Trump's Washington hotel saw almost $20 million in revenueJun 17, 11:16 AM EDT
The Latest: Some Trump business ventures on an upswingJun 16, 8:20 PM EDT
Germany opens its first liberal mosque in BerlinJun 16, 12:29 PM EDT
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