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10-year jail sentence sought for female Indonesian militantAug 23, 5:31 AM EDT
Indonesia forest threatened by development despite new rulesAug 23, 4:57 AM EDT
Busy waters around Singapore carry a host of hazardsAug 22, 8:01 AM EDT
Sixth Indonesian province declares emergency as fires spreadAug 22, 7:16 AM EDT
Indonesian police declare cleric key suspect in 2016 attackAug 22, 5:42 AM EDT
Reports: China accuses luxury e-retailer of smugglingAug 21, 12:01 AM EDT
Malaysia apologizes for showing Indonesia's flag as Poland'sAug 20, 3:19 AM EDT
IS cleric granted early release in Indonesia is re-arrestedAug 18, 4:34 AM EDT
North Korea threat prompts Guam natives to assert rightsAug 16, 5:48 AM EDT
Indonesia president: Spread wealth, protect diversityAug 15, 11:32 PM EDT
Indonesia clinic gives relief to Muslims with tattoo regretsAug 15, 10:22 PM EDT
Indonesia says militants preparing chemical attacks nabbedAug 15, 11:13 AM EDT
Reports: Key witness in Indonesia corruption case dies in USAug 13, 3:39 PM EDT
Strong quake shakes Indonesia's Sumatra; no major damageAug 13, 12:43 AM EDT
Official: Indonesian family that joined IS now in IraqAug 11, 5:14 AM EDT
UN: Islamic State is funding attacks, al-Qaida is resilientAug 10, 11:33 PM EDT
Syrian Kurds: 17 Indonesians who escaped IS leave SyriaAug 10, 1:46 AM EDT
Judge blocks law requiring birth certificates to marryAug 9, 2:32 PM EDT
At escalating rate, Nepalis working abroad return home deadDec 21, 9:20 AM EST
Indonesia police kill 3 suspected militants, defuse bombsDec 21, 5:30 AM EST
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