Associated Press - Depth of Field


AP Chief Asia Photographer David Guttenfelder captures Afghanistan's largest-scale military operation since 2001 using a unique lens - his iPhone camera coupled with a Polaroid film filter app


iPhone Photography


Mexico City staff photographer Gregory Bull narrates his experiences in covering the devastating earthquake in Haiti.


Inside Haiti


AP Chief Photographer for Africa Jerome Delay talks about his coverage on the plight of children in Sudan.


Inside Sudan


Caribbean Chief Photographer Brennan Linsley has been covering Guantanamo since 2005 and tries to paint a picture of what life is like for the people that work at the infamous detention camp in Cuba.


Inside Guantanamo


Afghan Embed

Photographer David Guttenfelder discusses being embedded with the U.S. Army First Battalion, 26th Infantry in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan's Kunar Province.


Inside Afghan Embed


The Iran Elections

Middle East photo editor and photographer Ben Curtis talks about the logistics of covering one of the most historic events in Iran.


Inside the Iran


Covering the NBA

Photographer Mark Terrill talks about setting up remotes, anticipating key moments in a game and taking a hit while covering professional basketball in Los Angeles.


Inside the NBA


The Dangers of Covering Swine Flu

Photo Editor Dario Lopez discusses how the Mexico City photo staff covered the Swine (H1N1) Flu in one of the world's most populous cities.


Inside Swine Flu


Covering Gaza

Ariel Schalit and Khalil Hamra talk about covering both sides of one of the most dangerous places for a photojournalist to work.


Inside Gaza


National People's Congress in Beijing

Elizabeth Dalziel discusses what its like to cover an event that is similar to stepping into a time warp.


Inside National People's Congress


U.S. Troops in Iraq

Maya Alleruzzo talks about her experiences as an embed with U.S. troops in Iraq, and her efforts to put a human face on the story.


Inside Iraq


Marines in Afghanistan

David Guttenfelder takes viewers inside his embed with U.S. Marines in Afghanistan and explores the challenges soldiers face living in the dirt and fighting off attacks from the Taliban.


Inside Afghanistan


Tour de France

Covering the Tour de France takes great planning and coordination. Peter Dejong talks about the logistics involved and the difficulties photographers confront in finding unique ways to examine the highly popular event.


Inside the Tour de France


Life in North Korea

Photographers are rarely allowed inside North Korea's borders. David Guttenfelder gives viewers a glimpse of life inside the nation under the very watchful eye of a "minder."


Inside North Korea


2008 Summer Olympics

Covering the Summer Games proved both triumphant and problematic. David Guttenfelder examines the effort put forth by the Chinese to host the Games and the lengths they went to in an effort to manage the image of the proceedings.


Inside the 2008 Summer Olympics


Barack Obama Wins

Election Day proved electric for thousands of Chicagoans when their home-state senator, Barack Obama, became the first African-American to win the presidency. David Guttenfelder follows voters from the lines at the polls early in the morning to the celebration late that night.


Chicago cheers Obama


On the Campaign Trail

Finding unique ways to show presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain was no easy task. Alex Brandon and Stephan Savoia share the hustle and bustle of life on the campaign trail.


On the campaign trail


New York Stock Exchange

Emotions often run high on the stock market floor. Richard Drew, who regularly covers the New York Stock Exchange, shares the highs and lows in a time of financial crisis.


Inside the NYSE