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Today in History
Today in History: Sunday, February  18, 2018
AP Highlight in History:
On Feb. 18, 1861, Jefferson Davis was sworn in as president of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, Ala.
AP Photo/Library of Congress
On this date in:
1546Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation, died in Eiselben, Germany.
1564The artist Michelangelo died in Rome.
1885 "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain was published.
AP Photo
1930Photographic evidence of Pluto was discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz.
1953"Bwana Devil," the movie that heralded the 3-D fad of the 1950s, opened in New York City.
1960The eighth Winter Olympic Games opened in Squaw Valley, Calif.
1970Five of the Chicago Seven defendants were found guilty of intent to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic national convention. (The convictions were later overturned.)
1972The California Supreme Court struck down the state's death penalty.
1988Anthony M. Kennedy was sworn in as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
2001Auto racing star Dale Earnhardt Sr., 49, died from injuries suffered in a crash at the Daytona 500.
AP Photo
2001Veteran FBI agent Robert Hanssen was arrested, accused of spying for Russia for more than 15 years. (Hanssen pleaded guilty and is serving life in prison without parole.)
2006American Shani Davis won the men's 1,000-meter speedskating in Turin, becoming the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal in Winter Olympic history.
2006A Hamas-dominated Palestinian parliament was sworn in.
Highlights of This Day in History
Today's Birthdays:
Artist-singer Yoko Ono turns 85 years old today.
AP Photo/Joel Ryan
George KennedyActor93
John WarnerFormer U.S. senator, R-Va.91
Toni MorrisonNobel Prize winning author87
Milos FormanDirector86
Herman SantiagoSinger (Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers)77
Irma ThomasSoul singer77
Dennis DeYoungRock singer (Styx)71
Sinead CusackActress70
Cybill ShepherdActress68
Juice NewtonSinger66
John PankowActor63
Vanna WhiteGame show host ("Wheel of Fortune")61
Greta ScacchiActress58
Matt DillonActor54
Dr. DreRapper53
Molly RingwaldActress ("Pretty in Pink, "The Breakfast Club")50
Actor John Travolta turns 64 years old today.
AP Photo/Chris Pizzello