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George W. Bush

George W. Bush (Rep)

Birth date: July 6, 1946
Residence: Washington, D.C.
Religion: Methodist
Occupation: President
School Type: graduate
Major: Business School, Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.
School Type: undergraduate
Major: History
School: Yale University New Haven , Conn.

On The Issues

Iraq: Swift military victory followed by violent aftermath and halting efforts at stabilizing new goverment, with more than 1,000 U.S. military deaths. He won congressional approval of $87 billion for continued military operations and aid in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Economy and Taxes: More than 900,000 jobs have been lost since Bush took office. Won $1.35 trillion in tax cuts for all income levels in 2001, a $96 billion stimulus in 2002 and a $330 billion package in 2003 - half of what he had sought. Latest package accelerates tax cuts scheduled for later in the decade. Bush's plans include wanting $3,000 re-employment accounts to help the unemployed with job-search expenses. Make recently passed temporary tax cuts permanent. Ease business regulations, pursue more free-trade deals, increase domestic energy production, save costs to the economy by limiting class-action lawsuits and medical malpractice liability. Give tax breaks, regulatory relief and investment incentives to needy communities.

Environment and Energy: Withdrew from Kyoto global warming treaty. Reversed 2000 campaign pledge to regulate industrial emissions of carbon dioxide. Eased some rules to help older industrial plants and refineries expand without paying for added pollution controls, prompting court fights from states and cities. Ordered pollution cuts from heavy-duty diesel engines and diesel fuel used in highway trucks and buses. Sped up forest-thinning projects on public woodlands, limiting environmental reviews and public appeals. Spent $3 billion on fix-ups in national parks but did not eliminate maintenance backlog as promised. Won approval from Congress to speed cleanup of 450,000 polluted former industrial sites and convert them to new parks and other uses. Bush's plans: Change clean air laws to use a market-based approach that would impose the first national cap on industrial emissions of mercury and reductions in smog-forming nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain, but not carbon dioxide. Cap power plant emissions to reduce pollution drifting across state lines. Budget plan would cut spending next year on low-interest loans to states and communities for clean water projects and cut spending by more than 20 percent on research into long-term health and environmental consequences of energy use and development, including global warming. Develop technology for commercially viable hydrogen-power fuel cells to power vehicles, homes and business with no pollution or greenhouse gases.

Abortion: Supports abortion rights only in cases of rape or incest or when a woman's life is endangered. Signed bill to ban a procedure that opponents call partial-birth abortion.

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