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It's down to the wire for online shopping
ATLANTA (AP) -- As the holiday shopping season winds down, FedEx, UPS and online retailers are using the last few days to try to avoid the problems that occurred last year when severe winter weather and a surge in late orders from shoppers caused delivery delays....

It's becoming easier to shop overseas this holiday season
NEW YORK (AP) -- This holiday season, it's almost as simple to shop on the other side of the world as it is to buy from a store down the block....

As dust clears, what's next for Sony?
ATLANTA (AP) -- The Sony hacking attack continues to deliver more dramatic plotlines than any fictional movie, but meanwhile the movie studio must move forward and tackle the next steps in minimizing the mess. Will Sony eventually release "The Interview" in some form? In theaters, on DVD or online? And what recourse does the company have against the North Korean-linked hackers?...

Top business stories of 2014: US grows, world slows
NEW YORK (AP) -- This year showed how sheltered the U.S. economy is from geopolitical and health crises around the world. The global economy sputtered, but the U.S. powered ahead. Employers are finally hiring enough to lower unemployment. A plunge in gas prices and a rising stock market has Americans feeling richer and spending a bit more....

Investors expect higher stocks in 2015, but also turbulence
NEW YORK (AP) -- Can the U.S. hold everyone else above water? That is the question investors are asking as Wall Street heads into 2015....

US stocks push to record highs, continuing a rally
The Dow Jones industrial average and the Standard & Poor's 500 index closed at record highs Monday as the market delivered its fourth gain in as many trading days....

FAA, industry launch drone safety campaign
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Alarmed by increasing encounters between small drones and manned aircraft, drone industry officials said Monday they are teaming up with the government and model aircraft hobbyists to launch a safety campaign....

Coming soon to US: Cuba Libre, with real Cuban rum
MIAMI (AP) -- U.S. rum aficionados are abuzz over the possibility of mixing a Cuba Libre with authentic Cuban rum, now that they will be able to bring home liquor distilled in the communist nation....

Caesars Entertainment to buy affiliate
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Caesars Entertainment Corp. says it will buy an affiliate as it tries to smooth the reorganization of a struggling division and balance its debt load....

BMW to replace air bags nationwide, joining other automakers
NEW YORK (AP) -- BMW has agreed to demands from the government to replace driver's-side air bags across the entire U.S....

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Coming soon to US: Cuba Libre, with real Cuban rum

It's down to the wire for online shopping

BMW to replace air bags nationwide, joining other automakers

Caesars Entertainment to buy affiliate

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