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Correction: Social Security Judge-Prison story
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- In a story March 23 about a former judge sentenced to prison, The Associated Press reported erroneously the details of a woman's Social Security benefits for a woman. The judge had approved the woman's Social Security benefits, but he did not approve her request for a retroactive lump sum payment....

Correction: NCAA-Xavier-Arizona story
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- In a story March 24 about an NCAA Tournament game between Xavier and Arizona, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Xavier's record was 30-13. It should have been 24-13....

Correction: Trump Speech-Surprisingly Subdued story
In a story Feb. 28 about reaction to a speech by President Donald Trump, The Associated Press reported erroneously the name of a Fairfax, Virginia, resident commenting on the speech. He is Matthew Maida, not Mike Maida....

Correction: Dinos on Move story
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a story March 22 about dinosaur evolution, The Associated Press misspelled the name of the college of one expert. It is Macalester College, not Macalaster....

Correction: Mother-Daughter Killed story
VALLEY HEAD, Ala. (AP) -- In a story March 23 about a mother and daughter dying in separate traffic accidents in Alabama, The Associated Press reported erroneously the age of the girl. The child was 8, not 5....

Correction: Trump Ethics-Flynn story
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Due to an editing error, The Associated Press erroneously attributed a statement in a March 22 story about former national security adviser Michael Flynn not signing an ethics pledge. It was the White House, not Flynn's lawyer, who said Flynn told Donald Trump's transition team and the White House about his possible plans to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent....

Correction: Endangered Seal Death-Aquaculture story
HONOLULU (AP) -- In a story March 17, about an endangered Hawaiian Monk seal dying in a fish farm pen, The Associated Press reported erroneously a funding source for the farm. The farm, Blue Ocean Mariculture, has not received federal funding. The NOAA research funding was granted to the previous owners of the facility, under the name Kona Blue Water Farms....

Clarification: Zion Curtain-Things to Know story
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- In a story March 21, The Associated Press reported that an exception within new Utah liquor legislation would allow restaurants to seat children closer to the bar if there are no other open tables and the minor is with someone who is at least 21. The story should have specified that the exception would only apply to restaurants that don't currently have a barrier referred to as a "Zion Curtain," which hides bartending, and the exception only lasts until 2022....

Correction: Israel-Jesus Tomb Restoration story
JERUSALEM (AP) -- In a story March 20 about renovations at the tomb of Jesus, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the Edicule is revered by Christians as the site where Jesus rose to heaven. Tradition says the Jerusalem shrine is the site of Jesus' resurrection, not the ascension to heaven....

Correction: Radioactive Lab-Indictment story
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- In a story March 17 about a Kansas man accused of tainting a lab with radioactive waste, The Associated Press misstated the name of an organization he founded. Ahmed el-Sherif founded the American Muslim Council of Greater Kansas City. The words "Kansas City" were mistakenly left off in the original story....