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Correction: France-Hostage-Taking story
SAINT-ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY, France (AP) -- In a story July 26 about a priest whose throat was slit in France in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group, The Associated Press erroneously attributed information that the electronic bracelet worn by one of the attackers was deactivated for a few hours every morning. The information came from a police official familiar with the investigation, not from Paris prosecutor Francois Molins....

Correction: Immigration Overload story
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a story July 26 about refugee programs for Central Americans being expanded by the Obama administration, The Associated Press reported erroneously that that expansion of a program to allow children to reunite with parents in the United States legally would also now allow some of their unmarried siblings to move to the U.S. The siblings are not required to be unmarried....

Correction: Yemen story
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- In a story on July 26 about Yemen's dialysis centers reaching a breaking point, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Doctors Without Borders said import restrictions in Yemen are caused by the Saudi-led coalition waging war on Yemen's Shiite rebels. While rights groups have attributed Yemen's blockade to the coalition, the group has not directly linked the import restrictions to the coalition....

Correction: Social Media-Chief's Resignation story
JONESVILLE, La. (AP) -- In a story July 21 about a police chief being asked to resign, The Associated Press reported erroneously the state in which Jonesville is located. The town is in Louisiana, not Mississippi....

Correction: Beach-Human Remains story
ELLENVILLE, N.Y. (AP) -- In a story July 24 about a woman accused of killing her mother, The Associated Press erroneously reported the circumstances of an earlier case in which the defendant, Sarra Gilbert, was accused of killing her dog. Gilbert's lawyer, John Ray, says the dog was drowned, not stabbed....

Correction: GOP 2016 Convention-TV Ratings story
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- In a story July 22 about ratings for Donald Trump's acceptance speech at the Republican convention, The Associated Press erroneously reported that 1.9 million viewers watched it on PBS. It was 2.75 million viewers....

Correction: Police Shootings-White Sympathy story
MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) -- In a story July 23 about white sympathy for black civil rights issues, The Associated Press erroneously reported the involvement of Ohio mother Lisa Vahey. She is seeking changes at her daughter's high school, not her son's....

Correction: Lawmaker Investigated story
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- In a story July 21 about a lawmaker facing possible expulsion form the Tennessee General Assembly, The Associated Press spelled one legislative leader's first name incorrectly. The lawmaker's name is Glen Casada, not Gled....

Correction: NAACP-Police Slayings story
CINCINNATI (AP) -- In a story July 20 about the NAACP convention in Cincinnati, The Associated Press incorrectly referred to the group's president in several instances. He is Cornell William Brooks....

Correction: Digital Life-Fitness Trackers-Glance story
NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story July 20 about choosing a fitness tracker, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the Fitbit Surge sells for $300. The price is $250....