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Capacity crowds pack screenings of 'The Interview'
NEW YORK (AP) -- Critics and early viewers agree that "The Interview" is less than a masterpiece. But thanks to threats from hackers that nearly derailed its release, it has become an event....

Streaming release of 'Interview' test for industry
ATLANTA (AP) -- Sony's "The Interview" has been a hacking target, a punchline and a political lightning rod. Now, with its release online at the same time it debuts in theaters, it has a new role: a test for a new kind of movie release....

Texas movie set used by John Wayne fading away
BRACKETTVILLE, Texas (AP) -- Time and Mother Nature are threatening to dismantle the Alamo. Not the original, but the replica 18th-century Spanish mission and Old West movie set John Wayne built for his Oscar-nominated 1960 movie and that for decades was a tourist mecca and film production site....

5 things to know about Alamo Village
BRACKETTVILLE, Texas (AP) -- A Texas businessman wants to revive Alamo Village, the movie set built by John Wayne for his epic film about the historic Alamo siege. It's been closed since 2009. Here are five things to know about the 400-acre park's history:...

Russia offers support to North Korea amid Sony hack
MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia on Thursday offered sympathy to North Korea amid the Sony hacking scandal, saying the movie that sparked the dispute was so scandalous that Pyongyang's anger was "quite understandable."...

Rogen, Franco, others react to `The Interview' online stream
NEW YORK (AP) -- Celebrities react to Sony's announcement Wednesday that it released Seth Rogen and James Franco's North Korea satire, "The Interview," on digital platforms:...

'Sons of Liberty' tells tale of America's founders
BOSTON (AP) -- Don't let the powdered wigs and oil paintings fool you: Samuel Adams, John Hancock and the other eventual Americans who changed the course of history were a ragtag band of secretive and sometimes mischievous young radicals....

Where to watch 'The Interview' online
You don't need to leave your house to watch "The Interview." Sony Pictures released the comedy on digital platforms Wednesday....

Sony statement on the on-demand release of 'The Interview'
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Sony Pictures Entertainment issued the following statement Wednesday on the on-demand release of "The Interview":...

Court denies Polanski's motion to dismiss 1977 sex case
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Roman Polanski lost his latest bid to have a California court dismiss his 1977 sex case when a judge rejected a motion for a new hearing....

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