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Belarus' president promises help for Ukraine
MOSCOW (AP) -- Belarus' authoritarian president on Sunday promised to help Ukraine as it struggles through its pro-Russia separatist insurgency and economic hardships....

Belarusian independent news sites blocked
MINSK, Belarus (AP) -- Several independent news websites have been blocked in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, where the government exerts close control of news media....

No bail for man held in Spanish party HQ attack
MADRID (AP) -- A Spanish court has ordered pretrial detention without bail for a man who rammed a car containing homemade explosives and gas cylinders into the ruling Popular Party's headquarters....

Ex-mayor sworn in as Romania's new president
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- Romania's Parliament swore in a former mayor as the country's new president following an election he called a triumph for democracy 25 years after communism ended....

Russia's sole independent TV forced into meager studio
MOSCOW (AP) -- Among the five TV journalists interviewing Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the odd one out was easy to spot. Mikhail Zygar's questions were sharper than those of the others, who headed back to spacious television studios while Zygar broadcast his piece from a Moscow living room....

French police shoot dead knife-wielding assailant
PARIS (AP) -- Officials say a man armed with a knife has attacked a police station and been killed by an officer in a suburb of Tours, a city in central France....

AP PHOTOS: A look at 2014 in the business world
LONDON (AP) -- No one said the recovery from the global financial crisis would be easy and 2014 provided that in spades....