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Rodgers wins MVP, Watt unanimous top AP defensive player
AP Photo
PHOENIX (AP) -- Just living the dream. And looking for more....

Sons represent late Junior Seau at Hall of Fame announcement
AP Photo
PHOENIX (AP) -- One by one, the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame stepped onto the stage as their names were called. When the eighth man elected Saturday, the late Junior Seau, was announced, his two sons stood with the group....

Rodgers wins 2nd NFL Most Valuable Player award
PHOENIX (AP) -- Aaron Rodgers has won his second Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player award in somewhat surprisingly easy fashion....

Texans' JJ Watt is unanimous top defensive player
AP Photo
PHOENIX (AP) -- J.J. Watt is a unanimous selection as The Associated Press NFL Defensive Player Of The Year for 2014....

Arians wins Coach Of Year award for 2nd time in 3 years
PHOENIX (AP) -- Bruce Arians has won The Associated Press NFL Coach Of The Year award for the second time in three years - with different teams....

Cowboys RB Murray runs off with Offensive Player
AP Photo
PHOENIX (AP) -- DeMarco Murray has run off with The Associated Press NFL Offensive Player Of The Year award for the 2014 season....

Bowles wins first AP Assistant Coach award
PHOENIX (AP) -- Todd Bowles has won the first Associated Press NFL Assistant Coach Of The Year award....

Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. is top offensive rookie
PHOENIX (AP) -- New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., grabbed The Associated Press NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year award for 2014....

Lowest prices on last-minute Super Bowl tickets near $9,000
AP Photo
PHOENIX (AP) -- In previous years, the scenario for getting Super Bowl tickets at a reasonable price was simply waiting until the last possible minute to buy....

Column: Brady the greatest ever in SB? Not so fast
AP Photo
PHOENIX (AP) -- His teammates were mostly showered and gone, but Tom Brady was having trouble even bringing himself to move. He sat in front of his locker in Indianapolis, pulling on a pair of boots with a pained look seemingly etched on his face....