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The Associated Press
AP Top Health News at 7:43 p.m. EDT

FDA warns of fatal risks from mixing opioids and sedatives
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Health officials are strengthening warnings about the potentially fatal consequences of mixing prescription painkillers and sedatives like Xanax, saying the combination can lead to breathing problems, coma and death....

Survey: More US adults use marijuana, don't think it's risky
AP Photo
NEW YORK (AP) -- Marijuana use is becoming more accepted among U.S. adults as states loosen pot laws, new national survey data shows....

Study: Ohio's abortion pill law led to worse health outcomes
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio's restrictions on the so-called abortion pill led to a higher rate of side effects, more doctor visits and additional medical treatment for patients, according to a new study....

HUD proposes lowering acceptable lead level for children
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- The nation's top housing official is proposing lowering the level of lead that must be detected in children's blood before triggering federal action to clean up the homes where they live....

Stem-cell doctor did surgeries with 'inadequate' proof
LONDON (AP) -- An independent commission investigating Italian stem-cell scientist Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, whose work was once considered revolutionary, says there were numerous problems in how he treated patients and that the scientific basis for his work was "inadequate."...

Egypt parliament toughens penalties for female circumcision
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's parliament on Wednesday toughened penalties for female genital mutilation, adopting amendments that punish perpetrators with up to 15 years in prison if a child dies and up to seven years for performing the procedure....

Feds to distribute $53 million to states to fight opioids
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration says it will distribute $53 million to 44 states in an effort to curb opioid abuse....

20 Democratic senators blast steep price hike for EpiPens
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a sign of growing concern in Congress, 20 Democratic senators are demanding answers about steep price hikes for the life-saving EpiPen injector device....

Hospital, hepatitis C outbreak victims reach settlement
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) -- Trinity Health and its hospital in Minot have agreed in principal on a legal settlement with 21 victims of the largest hepatitis C outbreak in recent U.S. history, though Trinity's legal fight with a nursing home where most people were sickened will continue....

Feds: $1.2M needed to move Indiana residents away from lead
EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (AP) -- Federal officials say they're searching for an additional $1.2 million to help move about 1,000 people from lead-contaminated public housing in northern Indiana....