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Big Trump checks to vets groups sent on day of media report
NEW YORK (AP) - More than a dozen big checks flowed out of New York last week, bound for veterans' charities from Donald Trump. On Tuesday, he announced he had made good on his promise of last January to give the groups millions of dollars from a highly publicized fundraiser. The announcement by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate came in the midst of a 40-minute rant against "dishonest" and "sleazy" reporters who have been pressing the issue. The largest donation, a $1 million check dated May 24 and drawn from Donald J. Trump's personal account, was addressed to a small Tuckahoe, New York, group that provides scholarships to the children of fallen Marines.

Clinton scores prized endorsement from Gov. Jerry Brown
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Hillary Clinton landed a coveted endorsement from California Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday, patching up a strained relationship between the two Democrats as she seeks to deliver a final blow to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Clinton heads into California and the other end-of-the-line primaries June 7 with the Democratic nomination virtually locked up - she needs just 71 delegates to reach the required threshold at the party's summer convention in Philadelphia. But Sanders is staging boisterous rallies across the state and running TV ads in hopes of delivering an upset that he says would strengthen his claim to the nomination, despite the numbers.

10 Things to Know-Wednesday
Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Wednesday: 1. TRUMP RELEASES LIST OF VETERANS GROUPS THAT GOT DONATIONS, RANTS AGAINST MEDIA Several of the checks were dated May 24, the same date of Trump's interview with The Washington Post, which had raised questions about where the promised money was. 2. WHAT AMERICANS THINK ABOUT THE WAY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES ARE CHOSEN An AP-NORC polls finds that many have little faith in either the Democratic or Republican nomination system, and oppose the superdelegates who have a substantial say in the Democratic race. 3. FEARS RISE FOR TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS TRAPPED IN FALLUJAH Iraqi forces are pressing an offensive to dislodge Islamic State militants from the city, where an aid group warns a "human catastrophe" is unfolding.

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Amid heavy clashes in Fallujah, fears rise for civilians
CAMP TARIQ, Iraq (AP) - As Iraqi forces pressed an offensive Tuesday to dislodge Islamic State militants from Fallujah, conditions are worsening for tens of thousands of civilians trapped in the city, and a leading aid group raised alarm over an unfolding "human catastrophe." IS fighters launched a fierce counterattack on the southern edge of the city, slowing the progress of the elite Iraqi counterterrorism troops, and the militants reportedly corralled civilians into a single neighborhood for use as human shields. With an estimated 50,000 civilians still inside Fallujah, humanitarian groups renewed calls on both sides to open safe corridors for noncombatants to flee - an action that seems unlikely because it would require negotiations between IS and the Iraqi forces to agree on a cessation of hostilities.

Mediterranean Sea disasters leave more than 1,000 dead
GENEVA (AP) - The treacherous Mediterranean Sea crossing from Libya to Italy claimed the lives of at least 1,083 migrants over the past week - mostly because barely seaworthy smuggling boats foundered and sank despite calm seas and sunny skies, a migration agency said Tuesday, citing new accounts from survivors. The staggering death toll could foreshadow more disasters in coming months as the region gears up for the traditional summer-fall spike in human trafficking as the weather improves and seas grow warmer. Aid officials say it also suggests that Libyan smuggling gangs are using even riskier tactics to profit from the torrent of people desperate to reach the safety and economic promise of Europe.

Police investigate parents of boy rescued from gorilla
CINCINNATI (AP) - Police said Tuesday they are investigating the parents of the 3-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and had to be rescued by a team that shot the 400-pound animal to death. Authorities said the investigation will look at the parents' actions leading up to the incident - not the operation of the zoo, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Police will then confer with prosecutors over whether charges should be filed, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said. The incident has triggered a furor online, with some saying the boy's mother should be charged with child endangering, while others want the zoo held responsible for the animal's death.

Ex-Chicago-area officer found guilty in murder-for-hire plot
CHESTER, Ill. (AP) - Jurors on Tuesday found former suburban Chicago police officer Drew Peterson guilty of trying to hire someone to kill the prosecutor who helped to convict him in the killing of his third wife. Peterson was convicted of trying to hire a fellow inmate's uncle while in prison to kill Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow, who helped convict Peterson in 2012 of killing ex-wife Kathleen Savio eight years earlier. Prosecutors say Peterson believed that with Glasgow dead, he could win an appeal of his conviction The jury deliberated for about an hour before finding Peterson guilty of solicitation of murder for hire and solicitation of murder.

Scientists say Flint water quality OK for bathing, showering
Municipal water in Flint, Michigan, has improved significantly and is suitable for personal cleanliness uses, scientists said Tuesday in a bid to calm fears raised by actor Mark Ruffalo and others who have questioned the safety of the supply that flows into the city's bathtubs and showers. Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech engineering professor whose testing last summer confirmed the lead contamination of Flint's water, said sampling in recent months has found that lead levels are steadily declining, although they remain too high for people to drink from the tap without a filter. Also trending downward are bacteria that can cause Legionnaires' disease, while byproducts from disinfectant chemicals are at normal levels, he and other specialists said.

Next Philippine VP helped beat dictator and son years apart
MANILA, Philippines (AP) - Leni Robredo was a college student three decades ago when she rose with multitudes of Filipinos in a largely peaceful revolt that ousted Ferdinand Marcos as the world watched in awe. Now a neophyte 52-year-old politician, Robredo defeated Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son and namesake of the late dictator, in a cliffhanger race for vice president last month. Congress proclaimed her vice president-elect Monday, along with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte at the House of Representatives. Pro-democracy activists had feared a Marcos win could have threatened to reverse the legacy of the 1986 "people power" revolt, part of the anti-dictatorship resistance that Robredo says sparked her "political awakening." Robredo was a university student in 1983 when she joined thousands of mourners in a long line at a Catholic church to view the bloodied remains of anti-Marcos politician Benigno Aquino Jr., who had been assassinated by his military escorts at the Manila international airport.

Wanted Taiwanese fugitive dies in car accident in California
LOS ANGELES (AP) - A former tycoon who was one of Taiwan's most wanted fugitives was in the middle of a decade-long fight to stay in the United States when he was killed in a California car accident, federal court records show. Wang You-theng was ordered removed from the U.S. last year after spending nearly a decade in Southern California. The 89-year-old Wang filed an appeal of that order in December and was waiting to argue his case before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Wang was killed in a Friday morning crash on a highway in West Covina, California, about an hour outside Los Angeles, according to Taiwan's Foreign Ministry.

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