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11 people killed in Georgia following severe weather
ATLANTA (AP) - Eleven people were killed and 23 were injured after severe weather struck southern Georgia, officials said Sunday. Catherine Howden of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency said the deaths occurred in Cook, Brooks and Berrien counties in southern Georgia near the Georgia-Florida line. She said the deaths were related to severe weather but could not specify whether tornadoes were the cause. Tornado warnings had been issued for parts of Georgia overnight. Local officials are still assessing the area. No other information was immediately available. The southeastern United States has been pounded by storms, high winds and unstable weather over the weekend.

Analysis: Trump promises big change, picks small fights
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump won the White House promising big changes to the nation's economy, health care system and foreign policy. He spent his first full day in office picking small fights. Trump turned what was intended to be a bridge-building visit to the CIA on Saturday into a media-bashing session centered on what he saw as low-ball reports about the crowd size on Inauguration Day. He berated a magazine journalist by name for an inaccurate report about Oval Office decor that had been quickly corrected. Then, he dispatched his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to the White House briefing room to reinforce the message in an angry tirade that included false - and easy to fact-check - statements.

Over 1 million join anti-Trump women's marches worldwide
WASHINGTON (AP) - In a global exclamation of defiance and solidarity, more than 1 million people rallied at women's marches in the nation's capital and cities around the world Saturday to send President Donald Trump an emphatic message on his first full day in office that they won't let his agenda go unchallenged. "Welcome to your first day, we will not go away!" marchers in Washington chanted. Many of the women came wearing pink, pointy-eared "pussyhats" to mock the new president. Plenty of men joined in, too, contributing to surprising numbers everywhere from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles to Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, London, Prague and Sydney.

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Gambia awaits new leader, but exiled one has right to return
BANJUL, Gambia (AP) - Gambia's capital on Sunday was awaiting the arrival of the country's new leader and an era of democracy, hours after the authoritarian ruler of 22 years flew into exile with an extraordinary set of assurances from the international community. Even as new President Adama Barrow remained in neighboring Senegal awaiting a triumphant return after a whirlwind political crisis sparked by his December election win, former leader Yahya Jammeh appeared to be guaranteed the right to come home. A joint declaration issued shortly after Jammeh left by the United Nations, African Union and West African regional bloc ECOWAS said the bodies will work with Barrow's government to make sure Jammeh, his family and his close associates are not the target of punishment.

In midst of Aleppo wreckage, a Syrian family returns home
ALEPPO, Syria (AP) - The street looks as if it was hit by an earthquake and the bombed-out building in a former rebel-held northeastern neighborhood of Aleppo is deserted - except for the second-floor apartment where Abdul-Hamid Khatib and his family are staying. There is no electricity or running water. The apartment windows are covered with nylon sheets and a hole caused by a shell in the sitting room wall is closed with a piece of metal, pierced by the exhaust pipe for the wood-burning heater. Khatib and his family are the only occupants of the six-story building and they keep its main gate locked with a metal chain, fearing looters.

Cautious welcome from congressional Republicans to Trump era
WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressional Republicans anxiously monitor President Donald Trump's Twitter feed, parse his pronouncements, and brace for potential controversy each time he gives an interview. But GOP lawmakers also say they're growing increasingly accustomed to expecting the unexpected from Trump, and they're learning to take his abrupt pivots in stride, even when what he says stirs divisions or casts doubt on key Republican goals. So at the dawn of the Trump presidency, the most optimistic Republicans on Capitol Hill have high hopes they can learn to work with the new chief executive to bring about positive change for a bitterly divided nation.

French voters choosing left-wing presidential nominee
PARIS (AP) - French left-wing voters cast ballots Sunday in a nationwide presidential primary aimed at producing a candidate strong enough to confront formidable conservative and nationalist rivals in the April-May general election. That's no easy task. France's once-powerful left is struggling for political survival after President Francois Hollande's pro-business reforms split his Socialist Party. And in a campaign marked by anti-immigrant populism and fears of economic stagnation, many disillusioned working class voters are abandoning the Socialists for far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Tough-talking, center-leaning former Prime Minister Manuel Valls is a leading contender in Sunday's first round primary, but has faced fierce attacks from harder-left rivals who associate him with Hollande's unpopular moves to relax labor protections to encourage hiring.

4 dead mourned in Mississippi storm as living begin recovery
PETAL, Miss. (AP) - Cynthia Holland has to repair her liquor store. William Carey University has to find a place to hold classes. Michelle Kirk has to allay her 11-year-old daughter's anxieties while living in a damaged house. And families will mourn four people who died after a tornado with winds above 136 mph tore a 25-mile path across southern Mississippi before dawn Saturday. The Forrest County coroner identified the dead as Earnest Perkins, 58; Cleveland Madison, 20; David Wayne McCoy, 47 and Simona Cox, 72. Monica McCarty lost her father - Perkins - who died in the same Hattiesburg trailer park where she and her boyfriend live.

Russia set to move closer to decriminalize domestic violence
MOSCOW (AP) - In Russia, giving one's spouse a slap is nothing extraordinary for many people. This week, the Russian parliament is expected to take a step closer toward decriminalizing it altogether. Battery is a criminal offense in Russia, but nearly 20 percent of Russians openly say they think it is sometimes OK to hit a spouse or a child. In a bid to accommodate conservative voters, deputies in the lower house of parliament have given initial approval to a bill eliminating criminal liability for domestic violence that stops short of serious bodily harm or rape. If the measure passes its second reading in the Duma on Wednesday, when the draft can be changed, approval in the third and final reading would be a foregone conclusion.

Italy rescue crews hold out hope of more hotel survivors
FARINDOLA, Italy (AP) - Rescue crews digging through an Italian hotel buried in an avalanche say there could be additional survivors more than three days after tons of snow came barreling down a mountainside. Rescuers told reporters in the central Apennine mountains on Sunday morning there are air pockets in some of the Hotel Rigopiano's wreckage. But they haven't been able to reach all those areas yet. Nine survivors from the Wednesday evening avalanche were located in air pockets inside the crushed hotel on Friday. Rescue officials say there are other spaces where some of the 23 people still missing might be found alive.