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Palestinian activists build monument to Saddam Hussein
AP Photo
QALQILIYA, West Bank (AP) -- Palestinian activists have built a monument to the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in the West Bank....

The Latest: Federal troops take disputed town from Kurds
ALTUN KUPRI, Iraq (AP) -- The Latest on developments in Iraq. (all times local):...

Iraq's Kurdish region postpones elections
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Kurdish media says Iraqi Kurdish officials have postponed elections for parliament and president of the autonomous region in the wake of the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from disputed regions across northern and eastern Iraq....

The Latest: Iraqi PM calls for dialogue after Kirkuk
AP Photo
KIRKUK, Iraq (AP) -- The Latest on developments in Iraq, day after Iraqi forces took back the disputed city of Kirkuk, forcing Kurdish fighters to leave (all times local):...

Why the battle over the Iraqi city of Kirkuk matters
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Three weeks after Iraq's Kurdish region held a referendum on independence, Iraqi forces entered the disputed city of Kirkuk, forcing Kurdish fighters to withdraw. Here's what you need to know:...

Iraqi forces enter territory disputed with Kurds
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraqi federal forces entered disputed territory held by Kurds early Monday, seeking to end a nearly month-old political fight over areas taken under control by Kurdish militias three years ago to defend the oil city of Kirkuk against the Islamic State group....

The Latest: Iraq media say troops enter area held by Kurds
BAGHDAD (AP) -- The latest on Iraqi government's move to take control of disputed territories held by Iraqi Kurds outside their autonomous region (all times local):...

Suicide bomber strikes cafe in western Iraq, killing 11
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraqi authorities say a suicide bomber has struck a cafe in the western city of Hit, killing 11 people....

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