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The Latest: IS attacks convoy near Mosul
AP Photo
KIRKUK, Iraq (AP) -- The Latest on developments in Iraq where Iraqi forces and their allies launched a major offensive this week to retake Mosul, the country's second-largest city from the Islamic State group (all times local):...

Iraqi advances give hope to displaced Christians
AP Photo
IRBIL, Iraq (AP) -- Raeda Paulos could hardly conceal her joy when the television inside her cramped trailer showed Iraqi forces raising the national flag over a church in her hometown, a day after it was freed from Islamic State rule....

US service member killed by roadside bomb in northern Iraq
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A U.S. military member assisting Iraqi forces in their push to retake Mosul was killed by a roadside bomb Thursday, marking the first American combat casualty in the campaign to oust the Islamic State group from its last major stronghold in northern Iraq....

Mosul Today: Iraqi special forces push into IS-held town
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraqi special forces charged into the Mosul battle Thursday with a pre-dawn advance on a nearby town held by the Islamic State group, a key part of a multi-pronged assault on eastern approaches to the besieged city....

US soldier killed by roadside bomb in northern Iraq
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- An American soldier died on Thursday from wounds sustained in a bombing in northern Iraq, the U.S. military said....

World diplomats seek post-battle plan for IS bastion Mosul
AP Photo
PARIS (AP) -- Iraq's prime minister vowed Thursday to protect civilians fleeing the battle to oust Islamic State extremists from Mosul, as the offensive picked up speed and diplomats worked to ensure the gains are lasting - and that jihadists don't escape....

Baghdad's Finest: A look at Iraq's vaunted special forces
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's special forces, which barreled into a town east of Mosul on Thursday despite a wave of suicide attacks, are the country's most professional and least sectarian fighting force....

Iraqi-Turkish split points to distrust among Mosul forces
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Just days into the operation to retake the Islamic State-held city of Mosul, a fault-line has widened between Iraq and Turkey, and the distrust among the various forces arrayed against the extremists has again bubbled to the surface....

In Mosul fight, Iraqi forces eye redemption and revenge
AP Photo
QAYARA AIR BASE, Iraq (AP) -- For Saif, an Iraqi army corporal, the battle for Mosul is intensely personal. Over the course of two years of Islamic State rule, the extremists destroyed his home, arrested his father, killed his brother and forced his fiancee into a marriage with an IS fighter....

A look at US role against IS as Mosul offensive takes off
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- As Iraqi tanks charge across the country to purge the city of Mosul of the Islamic State group, the United States has perhaps as much to gain from the operation as the Iraqis themselves. Wresting Iraq's second largest city from the extremists is key to eventually defeating them militarily, a major U.S. objective. Still, President Barack Obama's strategy to engage in this war without the use of combat forces has been received with some skepticism; some say this approach allowed IS to expand in the first place....

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