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26 hostages, including Qatar royals, freed in bargain
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Qatar has secured the release of 26 hostages after nearly a year and a half in captivity, including members of its ruling family, in what became possibly the region's most complex and sensitive hostage negotiation deal in recent years....

Bookstore on wheels turns heads in Baghdad

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BAGHDAD (AP) -- The Iraqis guarding Baghdad's many checkpoints, on the lookout for car bombs and convoys, don't know what to make of Ali al-Moussawi when he pulls up in a truck displaying shelves of glossy books....

Patrolling western Mosul a weary grind for Iraqi police

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MOSUL, Iraq (AP) -- On the western side of Mosul, much of the fighting against Islamic State militants takes place between houses so close that they almost touch. Snipers fire from roofs and through holes blasted into outer walls....

Iraqis in 'liberated' Mosul want services restored

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MOSUL, Iraq (AP) -- The airstrike crater on a once-busy road in eastern Mosul is filled with murky water and lined with garbage, a nearby market shrouded in the stench. The fight for Iraq's second largest city ended nearly three months ago, but little is back to normal....

Clinic outside Mosul treats those with gravest injuries

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BARTELLA, Iraq (AP) -- A boy and a woman are delivered to the gates of the clinic by an Iraqi ambulance, bandaged and in pain. They arrive without names, ages and with only the sketchiest details of what had happened to them....

UN: Destruction in fight to take west Mosul worse than east
BAGHDAD (AP) -- The United Nations says destruction from the Iraqi military operation to retake western Mosul from the Islamic State group is two-and-a-half times greater than it was in eastern Mosul, retaken earlier this year....

Bombardment in Iraq's Mosul takes heavy toll on civilians

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IRBIL, Iraq (AP) -- Since she got struck by mortar shrapnel in Mosul just over a week ago, 10-year-old Nabaa has not been able to speak. A shard in her skull damaged part of her brain and doctors aren't sure if she'll ever be able to speak again....
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