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John Forbes Kerry

John Forbes Kerry (Dem)

Birth date: 1943-12-11
Residence: Boston, MA
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Attorney
School Type: graduate
Major: Law School, Boston College, MA
School Type: undergraduate
School: Yale University New Haven , CT

On The Issues

Iraq: Supported decision to go to war but now says he did so based on faulty U.S. intelligence. Opposed $87 billion package for Iraq and Afghanistan. Says he would try to begin U.S. troop withdrawal in six months and complete it in four years, by encouraging allies to commit more forces. Worldwide, would boost number of Americans in uniform by 40,000..

Economy and Taxes: Roll back Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans; keep parts of the package for middle- and low-income people. Spend on highways, school construction, pollution cleanup, energy projects and more to create 3 million jobs in 500 days. Provide $50 billion over two years to states struggling with budget deficits.

Environment and Energy:Re-engage "in the development of an international climate change strategy to address global warming"; no explicit endorsement of Kyoto treaty. No drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Has supported tougher fuel efficiency standards for vehicles. Goal of 20 percent of electricity from renewable or alternative sources by 2020. Steer $20 billion from oil and gas royalties to development of cleaner energy. Goal of independence from Middle East oil in 10 years. Tougher standards for companies operating on public lands.

Abortion: Supports abortion rights. Would nominate only Supreme Court justices who support abortion rights. Voted against partial-birth ban.

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