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Israel says no talks if Hamas in Palestinian government
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel said Tuesday it would not conduct diplomatic negotiations with a Palestinian government that includes a role for the militant Hamas group, laying down a significant potential roadblock to already complicated Palestinian reconciliation efforts....

Netanyahu says Israel won't tolerate Iran presence in Syria
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's prime minister warned Tuesday that he will not tolerate an Iranian military presence in neighboring Syria....

Israel Aerospace Industries, Hankuk Carbon, to make drones
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel Aerospace Industries says it has formed a joint venture with Korean company Hankuk Carbon to make unmanned aircraft together....

Work on Israel-Cyprus-Greece electricity link to start 2018
NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) -- An official says work on an electric cable linking the power grids of Israel, Cyprus and Greece is on track to start in the first quarter of 2018 after Greek and Cypriot regulators approved the project....

Israeli military strikes anti-aircraft battery in Syria
JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli military said it struck and destroyed an anti-aircraft battery deep in Syria on Monday after it had opened fire on Israeli jets flying over Lebanon - a rare incident of Syrian forces targeting Israeli planes since the civil war began in 2011....

President: Lebanon 'can no longer cope' with Syrian refugees
AP Photo
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon's president says his country "can no longer cope" with the presence of Syrian refugees and appealed to the international community for help to organize their return....

Roman theater uncovered at base of Jerusalem's Western Wall
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli archaeologists on Monday announced the discovery of the first known Roman-era theater in Jerusalem's Old City, a unique structure around 1,800 years old that abuts the Western Wall and may have been built during Roman Emperor Hadrian's reign....

Amid evangelical support, Israel toasts ties with Christians
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's prime minister has told a group of Christian media professionals that Israel has no better friend than the world's Christian communities....

Israel to probe foreign funding of human rights groups
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's prime minister says he intends to establish a parliamentary committee to investigate the funding Israeli NGOs receive from foreign governments....

Israel PM blasts police chief over investigation leaks
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at Israel's police chief over leaks to the media concerning investigations into alleged corruption by the premier....