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Israel: Dug by Jews, tunnel from Nazi era found in Lithuania
JERUSALEM (AP) -- In a Lithuanian forest, an international research team has pinpointed the location of a legendary tunnel that Jewish prisoners secretly dug out with spoons to try to escape their Nazi captors during World War II, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday....

Israeli security Cabinet OKs reconciliation deal with Turkey
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's security Cabinet has approved the reconciliation agreement reached this week with Turkey despite opposition from some ministers....

Israel bans access for non-Muslims to Jerusalem holy site
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli police on Tuesday banned non-Muslims from a contentious Jerusalem holy site until the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan following two days of clashes with Palestinians at the site....

Israel's security figures take aim at hard-line Netanyahu
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Long-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a potentially formidable challenge to his hard-line rule - not from Israel's civilian politicians but instead from its revered security establishment....

Israeli university cancels prize to veterans group
JERUSALEM (AP) -- An Israeli university has canceled an award for a group of military veterans who criticize Israeli actions toward Palestinians....

Israel drops divisive tactic for recovering captive soldiers
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli army will no longer employ the tactic of using overwhelming fire to prevent the capture of a soldier, even at the risk of killing the soldier, a military official said Tuesday....

Lebanese army detains 103 Syrians in wake of border bombings
AP Photo
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanese troops detained 103 Syrians for illegal entry into the country in a security sweep Tuesday, a day after a series of deadly bombings struck a village near the Syrian border, the military said....

More blasts in Lebanese village hit by deadly bombings
AP Photo
BEIRUT (AP) -- A series of suicide bombings and other attacks, including one outside a church, rocked a mainly Christian Lebanese village near the Syrian border on Monday, killing five people and wounding nearly 30, officials and witnesses said....

Israeli, Turkish leaders look to gain from reconciliation
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel and Turkey struck a broad reconciliation pact Monday that will restore full diplomatic relations after six years of animosity between the once-close Mideast powers....

Israeli official: Reconciliation deal reached with Turkey
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel has reached a reconciliation deal with Turkey to end a bitter six-year rift between the Mideast powers, an official said Sunday....