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Analysis: The outsider dealmaker faltering in White House
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Donald Trump campaigned as an outsider - celebrating his lack of political experience by selling himself as a dealmaker willing to buck Republican orthodoxy and his own party's leadership. He alone would reshape Washington....

Now what? Options for next year as health law drama fades
As the political drama over health care legislation in Washington fades, the rest of the country faces a more immediate concern: Getting insurance for next year....

Failure on health bill also hurts prospects for tax overhaul
WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Republicans' failure to repeal Barack Obama's health care law deals a serious blow to another big part of President Donald Trump's agenda: tax reform....

Gorsuch hearings show him as careful, folksy, testy at times
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nominees appearing before the Senate all have one goal in mind: Win confirmation. And when one party controls the Senate and the White House, the strategy of saying as little as possible doesn't vary much. But because Supreme Court nominees spend several long days in televised hearings, they still manage to reveal a few things about themselves, professionally and personally....

AP FACT CHECK: The week when Trump's wiretap accusation died
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump's accusation that his predecessor ordered snooping of his communications has fallen apart, slapped down by the FBI chief and again by the Republican leading the House intelligence committee, a Trump ally. The president gave up on arguing that Barack Obama tapped his phones, and he doesn't give up on anything easily....

In health care push, Trump couldn't master art of consensus
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump thought he had a deal....

AP Analysis: Trump yet to meet promise of 'so much winning'
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Just two months in, Donald Trump's presidency is perilously adrift....

McCain calls for Tillerson to be given team at US State Dept
BERLIN (AP) -- U.S. Sen. John McCain is urging President Donald Trump to nominate a team of senior officials at the State Department to back up new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson....

Trump son-in-law's ties to Israel raise questions of bias
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, has deep business and personal ties to Israel that could raise questions about his ability to serve as an honest broker as he oversees the White House's Mideast peace efforts....

Self-inflicted collapse chokes GOP effort to undo Obamacare
WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Republicans passed roughly 60 bills over the past six years dismembering President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. Other than minor tweaks, they knew the measures would go nowhere because the Democrat still lived in the White House....

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AP FACT CHECK: The week when Trump's wiretap accusation died

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Self-inflicted collapse chokes GOP effort to undo Obamacare

Failure on health bill also hurts prospects for tax overhaul

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