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As Trump tries minority outreach, many blacks unconvinced
AKRON, Ohio (AP) -- Black Republicans cheer Donald Trump for a newfound outreach to African-Americans, but say the GOP presidential nominee must take his message beyond arenas filled with white supporters and venture into the inner cities....

Black voters critique, question Trump's overtures
Donald Trump says he wants support from more black voters, asking them "what do you have to lose?" by breaking tradition and voting for a Republican presidential candidate....

Clinton sees Trump ties to "alt-right" dystopian ideology
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton is ready to call out Donald Trump and his advisers for embracing a "disturbing alt-right" political philosophy that her campaign says presents "a divisive and dystopian view of America."...

Horrified by Trump, Democrats getting nostalgic about Romney
WASHINGTON (AP) -- When President Barack Obama ran for re-election, Democrats made no secret of their disdain for Mitt Romney. That was all before Donald Trump....

Trump's evolving immigration plan compared to Clinton, Obama
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Donald Trump's new line on immigration - "fair, but firm" - is leaving both Republicans and Democrats with the same question: Is the famously hard-line GOP nominee softening his approach?...

Clinton proposes new federal fund to combat Zika virus
LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) -- As the Zika virus continues to spread, Hillary Clinton is proposing a new fund to improve the federal government's response to major public health crises....

2 days after cash delivery, US paid $1.3 billion to Iran
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration said Wednesday it paid $1.3 billion in interest to Iran in January to resolve a decades-old dispute over an undelivered military sale, two days after allowing $400 million in cash to fly to Tehran....

Scores sagging for high school grads taking ACT college test
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nearly two-thirds of this year's high school graduates took the ACT college entrance exam, and their scores suggest that many remain unprepared for the rigors of college-level coursework....

WHY IT MATTERS: Supreme Court
WASHINGTON (AP) -- THE ISSUE: No one likes an even number on a court that makes decisions by majority vote. Yet that's just what the Supreme Court has been left with, eight justices, since the death of Antonin Scalia in February....

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2 days after cash delivery, US paid $1.3 billion to Iran

Scores sagging for high school grads taking ACT college test

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