What is RSS?
RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, is a fast-growing Internet format that allows news and other content providers to supply continuously updated information in a way that can be easily used within personal web journals and by RSS news reader programs and some web browsers.

What are the advantages of using RSS?
By itself, an RSS feed is nothing more than text surrounded by computer code. But combined with an RSS news reader or similar software, RSS becomes a powerful tool allowing readers to easily keep abreast of the latest news and information from multiple web sites.

News readers commonly display headlines in a small application that appears on a reader's computer desktop. RSS news readers differ from web browsers in that headlines are updated continuously, without any need for the reader to refresh the page. A single news reader can display headlines from dozens of different web sites.

Clicking on a headline in an RSS news reader opens that story in the reader's preferred web browser. RSS can also be used to add content to a personal web journal, or web log (blog).

How can I tell if a site has an RSS feed?
Readers using Mozilla's Firefox web browser will sometimes see this iconin the lower-right side of their web browser. Users of other web browsers will need to search the site for "RSS" or look for the icon within the content of the web page.

Where can I find an RSS news reader program?
An Internet search for "RSS news reader" will provide links to several RSS readers.

Searching for "RSS news reader" at http://www.download.com will also provide links to several programs.

How do I subscribe to APís RSS headline feeds?

Each RSS news reader will differ in the procedure for subscribing to an RSS feed. Readers should follow the instructions for their specific reader. A list of AP headline feeds is available here.

Can I subscribe to RSS headlines in my web browser?
Users of Mozilla's Firefox can use RSS feeds, when available, from within their web browser by clicking on theicon in the lower-right corner of the browser window. They'll then be prompted to subscribe to the RSS feed.

After subscribing, readers can view the RSS headline feed from within their browser bookmarks.

Readers using other browsers should check with the company that made
their browser to determine support for RSS.