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The Associated Press
AP Top Science News at 8:53 p.m. EDT

Advocates fan out in global show of support for science
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The world saw brain power take a different form Saturday....

The Latest: Thousands join global rallies for science
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Latest on the March for Science, with events around the world intended to promote the understanding of science and defend science from attacks such as proposed U.S. government budget cuts (all times EDT):...

Icelandic language at risk; robots, computers can't grasp it
AP Photo
REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) -- When an Icelander arrives at an office building and sees "Solarfri" posted, they need no further explanation for the empty premises: The word means "when staff get an unexpected afternoon off to enjoy good weather."...

Harvard museum marking 150 years with new exhibit
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) -- A Harvard University museum is marking its 150th anniversary with a new exhibit showcasing its role developing the study of anthropology....

Supply ship named for John Glenn arrives at space station
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- A supply ship bearing John Glenn's name arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday....

Last adventure ahead for NASA's Cassini spacecraft at Saturn
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- NASA's Cassini spacecraft faces one last perilous adventure around Saturn....

As orbit becomes more crowded, risk from space debris grows
BERLIN (AP) -- Decades' worth of man-made junk is cluttering up Earth's orbit, posing a threat to spaceflight and the satellites we rely on for weather reports, air travel and global communications....

American, Russian cheered as they reach Intl Space Station
BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan (AP) -- A Soyuz space capsule on Thursday safely delivered an American astronaut making his first space flight and a veteran Russian cosmonaut to the International Space Station....

Once critical of global deals, Trump slow to pull out of any
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The "America First" president who vowed to extricate America from onerous overseas commitments appears to be warming up to the view that when it comes to global agreements, a deal's a deal....

Another nearby planet found that may be just right for life
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Astronomers have found yet another planet that seems to have just the right Goldilocks combination for life: Not so hot and not so cold. It's not so far away, either....