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The Associated Press
AP Top Science News at 7:14 p.m. EDT

Investigators: Lab explosion caused by electrostatic charge
HONOLULU (AP) -- Investigators are saying a laboratory explosion at the University of Hawaii that resulted in a researcher losing her arm was likely caused by an electrostatic charge....

Unsolved mysteries about the solar system's biggest planet
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Swirling storms. Dusty rings. Glowing polar lights....

Investigators: US lab worker in Colorado faked test results
AP Photo
DENVER (AP) -- A worker at a federal laboratory in Colorado intentionally manipulated test results for years, possibly tainting research on toxic metals in the Everglades, uranium near the Grand Canyon and coal in Afghanistan, investigators say....

Dead whale stuck on Los Angeles beach ahead of holiday
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The reeking carcass of a dead humpback whale was stuck on a popular Los Angeles County beach Friday as Fourth of July weekend crowds began arriving....

Scientists hope new shark cam gives insight to deep dives
MONTEREY, Calif. (AP) -- Researchers are developing a one-of-a-kind camera to mount on great white sharks in an effort to discover why the fish travel each year to a spot in the Pacific Ocean nicknamed the "White Shark Cafe."...

Heavy rains, landslides kill at least 18 in northern India
LUCKNOW, India (AP) -- Torrential rains triggered heavy floods and landslides that poured down hills in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, killing at least 18 people by Friday and destroying dozens of homes, officials said....

Spain: Woman arrested for death threats to physicist Hawking
MADRID (AP) -- Spanish police say they have arrested an American woman who had been threatening to kill famed British physicist Stephen Hawking while he was in Spain for an astronomy conference....

Studies testing kelp as local fix for acidifying seawater
HOOD CANAL, Wash. (AP) -- Scientist Joth Davis unspooled 150 feet of line holding thousands of tiny spores of kelp into Hood Canal in Washington state, while Brian Allen dove underwater and affixed the line to a buoy....

Journey to Jupiter: NASA spacecraft nears planet rendezvous
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Jupiter takes center stage with the arrival next week of a NASA spacecraft built to peek through its thick, swirling clouds and map the planet from the inside out....

Bright spot: Antarctica's ozone hole is starting to heal
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Antarctica's ozone hole finally is starting to heal, a new study finds....