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The Associated Press
AP Top Strange News at 3:42 p.m. EDT

Owner: Pig found after 6 weeks in 'pretty good' condition
ALIQUIPPA, Pa. (AP) -- The owner of a potbellied pig that serves as a therapy animal says the pig is in "pretty good" condition after being missing for six weeks....

Woman admits crickets, worms spilling on subway was a stunt
NEW YORK (AP) -- A woman who caused chaos aboard a subway train by releasing a container of crickets and worms says it was all a prank....

Welcome to the fourth grade: Teacher's rap targets students
AP Photo
SKOKIE, Ill. (AP) -- A new teacher who made a music video to welcome his students has become a bit of a star with his fourth-graders....

Oldest floating US post office scrapes rock, runs aground
MEREDITH, N.H. (AP) -- Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night could stop a U.S. mail boat - and then it ran aground in New Hampshire....

Oregon fair generates buzz with 1st legal pot display in US
AP Photo
SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- Living marijuana plants went on display Friday at the Oregon State Fair, with organizers saying it's the first state fair in the nation to allow cannabis for public viewing....

Spieth has no chance against Spelling Bee co-champion
AP Photo
FARMINGDALE, N.Y. (AP) -- Jordan Spieth was no match for the National Spelling Bee co-champion - with spelling and, ultimately, with putting....

Police sergeant who filmed himself taking pot is released
GRANTS, N.M. (AP) -- A New Mexico police sergeant accused of unwittingly recording himself on a lapel camera taking marijuana from his office and giving it to his girlfriend has been released from jail....

UK broadcaster shuts down for hour, asks viewers to exercise
LONDON (AP) -- One of Britain's leading broadcasters has blacked out its programs for an hour in hopes of spurring viewers to get some exercise....