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Snapchat debuts recording 'Spectacles,' changes company name
NEW YORK (AP) -- Social media app Snapchat is introducing video-recording glasses called Spectacles and is changing its company name to incorporate the new product....

In Yahoo breach, hackers may seek intelligence, not riches
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- If a foreign government is behind the massive computer attack that compromised a half billion user accounts at Yahoo, as the company says, the breach could be part of a long-term strategy that's aimed at gathering intelligence rather than getting rich....

Israeli military indicts Palestinians for online incitement
JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli military says it has indicted more than 145 Palestinians so far this year for incitement over social media....

Swiss vote to grant new powers to intelligence services
GENEVA (AP) -- Swiss voters granted new powers Sunday to the country's intelligence services, allowing them to track internet activity, snoop on email and tap phones to better fight spies, criminal hackers and violent extremists....

Big email hack doesn't exactly send the message Yahoo needed
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Yahoo has been struggling for years to keep people coming back to its digital services such as email. That challenge just got more daunting after hackers stole sensitive information from at least 500 million accounts....

Beyond the Yahoo hack: Other major data breaches
The Yahoo hack exposed personal details from at least 500 million user accounts, potentially the largest breach of an email provider in history. Despite the size of the break-in, attackers don't appear to have accessed obviously sensitive information such as financial data or Social Security numbers....

US guidelines on self-driving cars get good reception at G-7
TOKYO (AP) -- U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Sunday that his counterparts in the Group of Seven nations welcomed U.S. guidelines on regulating self-driving cars and have agreed to work together on creating such standards to maintain safety....

No longer invite-only, "robo-cars" offered to Singaporeans
SINGAPORE (AP) -- Autonomous vehicle software startup nuTonomy has made rides on its self-driving taxis available to the general public in Singapore for free, expanding a first-in-the world run that was initially invitation-only....

Facebook apologizes to advertisers for counting error
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Facebook is apologizing to advertisers for what it calls an error that overstated the average length of time users watched videos on the site....

AP FACT CHECK: Trump off on how colleges use endowments
BOSTON (AP) -- Donald Trump says colleges and universities should be using their endowments to make college more affordable but that too many are using "the money to pay their administrators or put donors' names on buildings or just store the money, keep it and invest it." But that's not exactly how endowments work....

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