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AP Top Political News at 4:05 a.m. EDT

Thousands of teachers in Arizona, Colorado to protest
PHOENIX (AP) -- A wave of red-clad teachers will crash upon the Arizona state Capitol on Thursday for an unprecedented job action that will close schools for a majority of the state's public school students, part of an educator uprising that's also bubbled up in Colorado....

Q&A: Why Colorado, Arizona teachers are walking off the job
DENVER (AP) -- Tens of thousands of schoolteachers plan to walk off the job in Arizona and Colorado on Thursday, shuttering classrooms in pursuit of better pay and school funding....

EPA chief faces Capitol Hill grilling over ethical missteps
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt faces potentially make-or-break hearings Thursday on Capitol Hill, where he is expected to be peppered with questions about spending and ethics scandals that have triggered bipartisan calls for his ouster....

VA nominee accused of drunken behavior, reckless prescribing
WASHINGTON (AP) -- White House doctor Ronny Jackson exhibited a pattern of recklessly prescribing drugs and drunken behavior, including crashing a government vehicle while intoxicated and doling out such a large supply of a prescription opioid that staffers panicked because they thought the drugs were missing, according to accusations compiled by Democratic staff on the committee considering his nomination as Veterans Affairs secretary....

Prosecutor on Justice's opioid crackdown favors tough tact
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Mary Daly has heard the criticism: That the tough-on-drugs approach favored by the Trump administration is cruel, ineffective and a return to the failed policies of the 1980s....

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Why not live audio from high court?
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court is not noted for its speed or adaptability, but it moved very quickly to post a link to an audio recording of arguments over President Donald Trump's travel ban....

Senate committee poised for vote on bill to protect Mueller
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller's job - legislation that has split Republicans as President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized Mueller's Russia investigation....

Macron resists Trump's 'America first' in speech to Congress
WASHINGTON (AP) -- French President Emmanuel Macron drew sharp contrasts with President Donald Trump's worldview Wednesday, laying out a firm vision of global leadership that rejects "the illusion of nationalism" in a candid counterweight to Trump's appeals to put "America first."...

Lawyer: Trump ready for role in raids' evidence review
NEW YORK (AP) -- A lawyer for Donald Trump says the president is ready to offer his opinion on what evidence seized from his personal attorney's home and office are protected by attorney-client privilege....

Trump's travel ban likely to be upheld, justices indicate
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court seemed poised Wednesday to uphold President Donald Trump's ban on travel to the U.S. by visitors from several Muslim-majority countries, a move that would hand the president a major victory on a controversial signature policy....