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AP-GfK Poll: Many doubt hospitals can handle Ebola
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Most Americans have some confidence that the U.S. health care system will prevent Ebola from spreading in this country, but they're not so sure their local hospital can safely handle a patient, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll....

US to track everyone coming from Ebola nations
ATLANTA (AP) -- All travelers who come into the U.S. from three Ebola-stricken West African nations will now be monitored for three weeks, the latest step by federal officials to keep the disease from spreading into the country....

Corporate giants funding state ballot initiatives
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Voters may not know it, but the millions of dollars paying for ads on ballot measures they will consider next month come from large companies and national advocacy groups....

3 states deny gay unions despite appellate rulings
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The writing is on the wall for gay marriage bans in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina after federal appeals courts that oversee those states have made clear that keeping gay and lesbian couples from marrying is unconstitutional....

HealthCare.gov's EZ form not for legal immigrants
WASHINGTON (AP) -- HealthCare.gov's new EZ application for coverage can't be used by legal immigrants or naturalized U.S. citizens, prompting concern that many Hispanics and Asians will go right back into long enrollment queues this year....

White House fence jumper charged with assault
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Secret Service says the 23-year-old Maryland man who climbed over the White House fence Wednesday night has been charged with felonies for assaulting a police dog and making threats....

'Outsourcing' changes Georgia race in closing days
MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) -- Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn has spent the past month hammering away at Republican David Perdue's career as a business executive, making a dispute over his role in outsourcing jobs the hallmark of her campaign for U.S. Senate....

TV runner-up Aiken seeks win in NC House race
ERWIN, N.C. (AP) -- Eleven years after becoming a national TV sensation, Clay Aiken still attracts a crowd in central North Carolina. In an hour he could only get a block or so down the street during an old textile town's fall festival while fans stopped to talk and take pictures....

House Dem campaign arm spends almost $2M daily
WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Democrats' campaign arm spent nearly $1.8 million a day on average during the first half of this month....

Disqualified tribal candidate persists in campaign
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- A Navajo presidential candidate disqualified from the race is holding out hope that election officials and tribal lawmakers will provide a way for him to remain on the ballot, despite the long odds....

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White House fence jumper charged with assault

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3 states deny gay unions despite appellate rulings

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