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AP Top Political News at 3:01 a.m. EST

Black women seek rewards from Democrats after Alabama race
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Once again, black women showed up for Democrats, with nearly all of them voting in Alabama for new Sen. Doug Jones, just as they did for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot in other states over the last few months....

FCC votes along party lines to end 'net neutrality'
The Federal Communications Commission repealed the Obama-era "net neutrality" rules Thursday, giving internet service providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T a free hand to slow or block websites and apps as they see fit or charge more for faster speeds....

House Speaker Paul Ryan denies reports he may leave Congress
WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan is denying reports that he plans to leave Congress after the Republicans' treasured tax bill is approved....

Ex-'Apprentice' star Omarosa to tell all about White House
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former "Apprentice" star Omarosa is putting the White House on notice as she makes her exit: She has "quite a story to tell" about her time in President Donald Trump's administration and "the world will want to hear it."...

Sen. Menendez presses for dismissal of corruption charges
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez has a message for the Justice Department: Try to prosecute me again on corruption charges or drop it....

Poll: Most believe Trump trying to obstruct Russia probe
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A new poll reveals that most Americans think Donald Trump did something wrong regarding possible connections between his presidential campaign and Russia. And they think he's trying to obstruct the investigation looking into those possible links....

GOP's Farenthold, bowing to pressure, won't seek re-election
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Bowing to pressure from fellow Republicans, Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold said Thursday he would not seek re-election to a fifth term, apologizing for his angry outbursts but denying sexual harassment allegations....

Return of 2 ill GOP senators crucial next week for tax bill
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ailing Republican senators John McCain and Thad Cochran missed votes this week, but their presence will be crucial early next week as the GOP tries to pass a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax package in the Senate with a razor-thin majority and all Democrats opposed to the legislation....

Senate confirms Trump judicial nominee for federal court
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The GOP-led Senate on Thursday confirmed one of President Donald Trump's federal court nominees, his 12th circuit judge - the most for a president's first year in office since the creation of circuit courts in 1891, Republicans say....

Senate may put off most anticipated Russian probe findings
WASHINGTON (AP) -- With no firm conclusions yet on whether President Donald Trump's campaign may have coordinated with Russia, the Senate intelligence committee could delay answering that question and issue more bipartisan recommendations early next year on protecting future elections from foreign tampering....