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AP Top Political News At 9:18 p.m. EDT

Muted expectations for Obama, Rouhani meeting
WASHINGTON (AP) -- One year ago, President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani came close to ending the decades-long freeze on face-to-face meetings between their countries' leaders....

US military role in Iraq raises combat questions
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House and the Pentagon are grappling with how to explain what American military forces are doing and could do in Iraq as they battle the Islamic State militants....

House grudgingly approves arms for Syrian rebels
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican-controlled House voted grudgingly Wednesday to give the administration authority to train and arm Syrian rebels as President Barack Obama emphasized anew that American forces "do not and will not have a combat mission" in the struggle against Islamic State militants in either Iraq or Syria....

Obama praises House vote on arming Syrian rebels
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama praised a House vote Wednesday granting him authority for the U.S. military to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels, calling it an important step toward confronting the Islamic State group....

Mechanical issue slows first lady's Tennessee trip
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Who was the mystery passenger President Barack Obama greeted Wednesday aboard a government aircraft at Andrews Air Force Base after he returned from Florida?...

It's personality versus policy in Iowa Senate race
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The race for Iowa's open Senate seat could be dubbed the Resume vs. the Personality....

Biden says 'Shylocks' was poor choice of words
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden says he made a poor choice of words when he referred to unscrupulous moneylenders who took advantage of U.S. troops as "Shylocks."...

Biden: Troops not needed now, but will reassess
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden is apparently leaving the door open to U.S. ground troops helping Iraqi security forces repel Islamic State militants....

Senate: China hacked military contractor networks
WASHINGTON (AP) -- China's military hacked into computer networks of civilian transportation companies hired by the Pentagon at least nine times, breaking into computers aboard a commercial ship, targeting logistics companies and uploading malicious software onto an airline's computers, Senate investigators said Wednesday....

USDA approves new modified corn, soybean seeds
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Agriculture Department has approved the use of genetically modified corn and soybean seeds that are resistant to a popular weed killer....

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House grudgingly approves arms for Syrian rebels

USDA approves new modified corn, soybean seeds

Obama praises House vote on arming Syrian rebels

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US military role in Iraq raises combat questions

Muted expectations for Obama, Rouhani meeting

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