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Russia voted off UN Human Rights Council
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The General Assembly voted Russia off the U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday, a stunning rebuke to the country which is increasingly being accused of war crimes over its actions in Syria....

Philippine leader Duterte says God told him to stop cursing
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- The foul-mouthed Philippine president, who once called the pope a "son of a bitch" and told Barack Obama to "go to hell," says he has promised to God he won't spew expletives again....

Syrian rebels launch Aleppo offensive to break siege
BEIRUT (AP) -- Syrian rebels launched a broad offensive for Aleppo Friday as the Russian, Syrian, and Iranian foreign ministers vowed to intensify their fight against terrorism in the country....

Haitians struggle for clean water weeks after hurricane
COTEAUX, Haiti (AP) -- It's been nearly a month since Hurricane Matthew tore through southern Haiti and people like Kettley Rosier and many of her neighbors still have to spend their meager savings for water to drink....

Mosul Today: UN says IS using thousands as human shields
BAGHDAD (AP) -- The Islamic State group is using tens of thousands of people as "human shields" in and around Mosul while the Iraqi forces are waging a large-scale offensive aimed at retaking the country's second-largest city, the U.N. human rights office said Friday....

Thousands of Iraqis being used as human shields near Mosul
QAYARA, Iraq (AP) -- For three months, as Islamic State militants ranged across farms and villages south of Mosul, they took Sayid Naheer, his wife and eight children with them. The family was among tens of thousands of people that the U.N. says have been rounded up to be used as human shields....

Iraqis bury their dead in cemetery destroyed by IS
QAYARA, Iraq (AP) -- Sabriya Hammad buried her son in a cemetery that was destroyed by the same people who killed him....

UN gets release of 876 children detained by Nigeria military
LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- The United Nations has negotiated the release this year of 876 children detained at a Nigerian army barracks holding suspected collaborators of the Boko Haram Islamic extremist group, the U.N. Children's Fund announced Friday....

Countries OK world's largest marine reserve in Antarctica
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- The countries that decide the fate of Antarctica's waters reached an historic agreement on Friday to create the world's largest marine protected area in the ocean next to the frozen continent....

Q&A: Fish and politics behind Antarctic marine reserve deal
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- Nations from around the world on Friday reached an historic agreement to preserve an area of ocean near Antarctica that's about twice the size of Texas. Here are some questions and answers about the deal:...

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UN gets release of 876 children detained by Nigeria military

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Russia voted off UN Human Rights Council

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