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'No time to lose' in global push against militants
PARIS (AP) -- With reconnaissance planes already in action, France's president said there was "no time to lose" in the global push to combat extremists from the Islamic State group as he opened an international conference to attack the problem - minus the two countries who share most of Iraq's borders....

Mideast complexities confound US coalition effort
The Middle East has confounded outsiders for years, so it is no surprise that another U.S.-led project with a straightforward goal - destroying a marauding organization of extremists - is bumping up against age-old rivalries and a nod-and-a-wink-style political culture....

A Scottish 'Yes' also means exit from EU, NATO
BRUSSELS (AP) -- If Scottish voters this week say Yes to independence, not only will they tear up the map of Great Britain, they'll shake the twin pillars of Western Europe's postwar prosperity and security - the European Union and the U.S.-led NATO defense alliance....

Locals, tourists ride out Hurricane Odile in Baja
CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico (AP) -- Residents and tourists hunkered down in shelters and hotel conference rooms overnight as a powerful and sprawling Hurricane Odile made landfall on the southern Baja California peninsula....

US works to step up Ebola aid, but is it enough?
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The American strategy on Ebola is two-pronged: Step up desperately needed aid to West Africa and, in an unusual step, train U.S. doctors and nurses for volunteer duty in the outbreak zone. At home, the goal is to speed up medical research and put hospitals on alert should an infected traveler arrive....

Sweden's vote leaders seek to form government
STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Sweden's Social Democrat-led bloc officially begins the struggle to form a government on Monday, a day after it ousted the center-right ruling coalition in parliamentary elections but fell short of a majority....

Kim Dotcom's party poised to win New Zealand seats
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- At a recent political rally in Wellington, indicted Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom jokingly asked members of New Zealand's spy agency to raise their hands....

Egypt's most prominent activist released on bail
CAIRO (AP) -- Relatives say that Egypt's most prominent activist who is standing retrial after being sentenced to 15 years in prison for violating to the country's draconian protest law, has been released on bail....

Egypt says boosting security at tourist locations
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's tourism minister on Thursday said the country is boosting security procedures at tourist destinations in an attempt to buoy the flagging tourism sector following three years of political turmoil....

Japan: More and more, a land of centenarians
TOKYO (AP) -- Reaching the century mark remains a relative rarity for humans, but it is increasingly less so, and perhaps nowhere more than in rapidly aging Japan....

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Locals, tourists ride out Hurricane Odile in Baja

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