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Report: Survivors yell for help in China boat sinking
BEIJING (AP) -- Rescuers pulled out one trapped survivor and heard others yell for help Tuesday from inside a capsized cruise ship on China's Yangtze River after it went down overnight in a storm with 458 people aboard, most of them elderly, state broadcaster CCTV said....

The Latest on China Boat Sinking: Rescuers hear survivors
BEIJING (AP) -- 12:45 p.m. (0445 GMT)...

IS revamps recruitment, with savvy, professional broadcasts
PARIS (AP) -- The announcer with an American accent offers an upbeat roundup of the day's main headlines: Islamic State fighters seized control of a crucial Syrian city, extremists repelled Kurdish fighters despite coalition airstrikes, and two suicide bombers successfully carried out their missions....

Report: War in Afghanistan since 2001 has killed 100,000
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- A new study says war in Afghanistan since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion overthrew the Taliban regime has killed almost 100,000 people, and wounded the same number....

Ex-inmates regret destruction of notorious Syrian prison
BEIRUT (AP) -- For decades, the mere mention of Tadmur Prison was enough to send chills down a Syrian's spine....

Don't take a seat: Panel says you should stand for 2 hours
LONDON (AP) -- Are you sitting down? In that case, you should probably stand up before reading this....

American held in Yemen freed, French hostage pleas for help
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- A freelance journalist who was among several Americans held by Iranian-backed Shiite rebels in Yemen was set free Monday as a French hostage abducted in Yemen by an unknown party appeared in a video pleading for help....

UN official says Ebola will end in Sierra Leone in weeks
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. Ebola chief said Monday he believes "it's only a matter of weeks" before the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone ends, but stopping the deadly disease in Guinea will take more time because in some areas unsafe traditions still hold sway over what's good for people's health....

Solar Impulse waits out weather before take-off for Hawaii
TOKYO (AP) -- Ultimately when it comes to adventure, however advanced the technology, the weather holds the trump card....

South Korea reports 2 deaths from MERS
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- South Korea on Tuesday confirmed the country's first two deaths from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome as it fights to contain the spread of the virus that has killed hundreds of people in the Middle East....

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Central Bank of Nigeria executives arrested in $33m theft

Report: War in Afghanistan since 2001 has killed 100,000

Asian stocks down as markets weigh Greece, US growth

Latin America/Caribbean
Argentine government rejects negotiations with holdout funds

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Jewish protesters try to block Christian ritual at holy site