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Dec 7, 4:28 AM EST

Judge postpones sentencing of Hong Kong democracy activist

AP Photo
AP Photo/Kin Cheung

Hong Kong 10 Years After the Turnover
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Judge postpones sentencing of Hong Kong democracy activist

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HONG KONG (AP) -- A judge put off sentencing Thursday for young Hong Kong democracy leader Joshua Wong in a contempt case stemming from 2014 protests in the semiautonomous Chinese city.

The 21-year-old Wong, who was out on bail while he appeals a prison sentence in a separate case, was among 16 activists set to learn their punishments following their convictions for criminal contempt of court.

But a High Court judge adjourned the case to an unspecified date to await further submissions from defense lawyers.

Hong Kong law sets no maximum penalty for contempt, with sentences usually ranging by case law and legal precedents.

Wong and some others had pleaded guilty months earlier for failing to comply with a court order to clear out of a protest camp on a main road during the 79-day "Umbrella Movement" protests against Beijing's restrictions on elections for Hong Kong's top leader.

Wong rose to global fame, including a starring role in a Netflix documentary, for leading anti-China protests in the city while still a teen.

In a separate case, he and two other activists were given prison sentences in August ranging from six to eight months for their roles in an unlawful assembly that sparked the 2014 protests. They originally got community service or suspended sentences but those were upgraded after the justice secretary asked for a sentencing review, a move that raised fears the city's independent judiciary was being undermined.

Wong was bailed when he received permission to appeal, which will be heard in January.

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