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Jan 18, 6:36 AM EST

Israel's PM unveils memorial for Mumbai attack victims

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Israel's PM unveils memorial for Mumbai attack victims

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MUMBAI, India (AP) -- Israel's prime minister has visited a Jewish center in Mumbai and unveiled a memorial to 166 people who were killed by militants who rampaged through the Indian city in 2008.

Benjamin Netanyahu met on Thursday with Moshe Holtzberg, a boy whose parents were among six people killed at the Chabad Center during the attack. Netanyahu patted Moshe's shoulder and posed for photographs.

Netanyahu said light would spread from the memorial to make the world a better place.

Moshe was 2 at the time of the attack and was saved by his nanny, Sandra Samuel, who joined him on Thursday. He left for Israel after the attack and returned to India for the first time on Tuesday.

His parents were emissaries of the Chabad movement living in Mumbai at the time.

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