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Jul 1, 7:10 AM EDT

Pakistani official: 4 members of al-Qaida's South Asian branch killed in house raid

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Pakistani official: 4 members of al-Qaida's South Asian branch killed in house raid

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ISLAMABAD (AP) -- A Pakistani official says four militants killed this week during a raid on a home near the eastern city of Lahore were members of al-Qaida's South Asian branch who were planning an attack on the offices of a civilian spy agency.

The Home Minister for Punjab province, Shuja Khanzada, said Wednesday that the provincial head of the al-Qaida affiliate was among those killed in the raid early Monday, which was carried out by police and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

Khanzada said authorities also arrested two "terrorists," who were being questioned.

Al-Qaida's leader Ayman al-Zawahri announced the creation of al-Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent in September. Monday's raid was the first known operation against the group in Lahore.

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