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Oct 6, 7:09 AM EDT

19 killed in Russia after train hits bus stuck on crossing

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MOSCOW (AP) -- Uzbekistan's Foreign Ministry says that 19 citizens of the ex-Soviet nation were killed when a train slammed into a bus carrying them near Moscow.

Russia's state Investigative Committee said that another five passengers of the bus were injured in Friday's collision, which occurred in the town of Pokrov, about 85 kilometers (53 miles) east of Moscow.

The Uzbek Foreign Ministry said that 56 people on the bus were Uzbek citizens and two others, drivers, from Kazakhstan. The local administration said that the bus was carrying migrant workers from Uzbekistan heading to their native country.

According to preliminary information, the bus got stuck in a railway crossing because of a technical malfunction. The train's driver hit the brakes, but was unable to prevent the collision.

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