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Nov 10, 7:09 AM EST

Swedish radio station: Pirate broadcaster plays ISIS song

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Swedish radio station: Pirate broadcaster plays pro-IS song

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- A Swedish radio station says a pirate broadcaster briefly broke into its Friday morning show and broadcast an English-language pop song urging Westerners to join the Islamic State group.

Jakob Gravestam, a spokesman for the Bauer Media group that operates the Mix Megapol station in Malmo, Sweden's third largest city, said in a statement that the incident would be reported to police and the Swedish government agency that monitors electronic communications, among others.

The 24Malmo news site said the song entitled "For the Sake of Allah" was played for about 30 minutes on the FM and Internet-based radio station that is part of a private radio network airing in 24 cities across the country and claims to reach 91 percent of Sweden's 10 million people.

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