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Feb 24, 12:33 PM EST

UN report indicates Iran is honoring its end of nuke deal

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VIENNA (AP) -- The U.N. agency tasked with monitoring Iran's nuclear deal with six world powers has issued a report that indicates Tehran is honoring its end of the deal.

Obtained by The Associated Press, the confidential International Atomic Energy Agency report said Friday that at under 102 kilograms (225 pounds) Iran is only at about half of its permitted limit of a form of low-enriched uranium, and is not producing higher grades.

Low-enriched uranium is used to power reactors and other peaceful uses. Enriched further to weapons-grade, it can serve as the core of a nuclear warhead.

The deal, which came into effect just over a year ago, is focused on limiting Iranian nuclear programs that can be used to make weapons. Tehran insists it has no interest in nuclear arms.


This story corrects the difference between the low-enriched uranium level Iran has compared to the amount it is allowed.

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