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Sep 22, 1:09 PM EDT

Iran digs in on underground nuke facility

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AP Photo/Ahmed Saad
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UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Diplomats are reporting a setback at talks on Iran's nuclear program, saying Tehran has resumed rejecting U.S. demands it repurpose a uranium enrichment site.

They told The Associated Press Monday that Tehran is invoking what it says was an Israeli drone shot down last month near another Iranian enrichment site in arguing that it wants to leave the underground facility as an enrichment plant.

The U.S. wants the site shut down or converted because it is dug deep into a mountain. Washington fears it is impervious to air attack. Enrichment can make both reactor fuel and the core of a nuclear weapon.

Iran denies it wants nuclear arms. It was discussing reconfiguring the site until the start of the current round.

The diplomats demanded anonymity because their information is confidential.

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