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Nov 23, 12:34 AM EST

PA Lottery

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) -- These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Wednesday:


(two, six, seven, seventeen, twenty-one)

Estimated jackpot: $225,000


(ten, twenty, thirty-five, forty-one, forty-four, forty-nine)

Estimated jackpot: $500,000

Estimated jackpot: $119 million

8-8, Wild: 5

(eight, eight; Wild: five)

0-0, Wild:

(zero, zero; Wild: zero)

7-7-1, Wild: 5

(seven, seven, one; Wild: five)

6-9-2, Wild:

(six, nine, two; Wild: zero)

9-6-3-4, Wild: 5

(nine, six, three, four; Wild: five)

6-9-5-1, Wild:

(six, nine, five, one; Wild: zero)

4-9-9-2-9, Wild: 5

(four, nine, nine, two, nine; Wild: five)

8-9-1-3-6, Wild:

(eight, nine, one, three, six; Wild: zero)

35-37-46-51-61, Powerball: 13, Power Play: 2

(thirty-five, thirty-seven, forty-six, fifty-one, sixty-one; Powerball: thirteen; Power Play: two)

Estimated jackpot: $134 million


(eight, eleven, eighteen, twenty-two, twenty-seven)

Estimated jackpot: $30,000

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