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Mar 24, 2:22 PM EDT

Blast rattles Cairo suburb, killing 1

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CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's Interior Ministry said a man was killed and three members of his family were injured on Friday when a device exploded while he was cleaning up his backyard in a Cairo suburb.

The Interior Ministry stated that the explosion in Maadi during the afternoon of March 24 was the detonation of an improvised explosive device. It occurred as a property guard discovered the device and tampered with it when cleaning out a garden attached to a property on Algeria Street. The guard was killed during the incident and three members of his family were injured.

The leafy Cairo suburb of Maadi is home to many diplomatic residences in the Egyptian capital.

No group has claimed responsibility for the explosion, and it is unlikely that a claim will be made since the bombing resulted in the death of civilians.

Egypt has seen an increase in militant attacks in the past years, mostly in the restive Sinai Peninsula where the military is carrying out a campaign against an Islamic State affiliate.

Militants operating in Egypt frequently target security forces in bombings and shootings. Coptic Christian civilians have also been targeted, as militants sometimes see Copts as complicit in the 2013 deposal of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohammed Morsi, and as being beholden to the regime in power; however, intentional targeting of non-Coptic Christian civilians is rare.

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