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A look at some of the most-powerful earthquakes to hit Iran

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Major earthquakes to strike Iran in recent decades:

- Aug. 11, 2012: Iran's East Azerbaijan province, magnitude 6.4; Over 300 killed.

- Dec. 26, 2003: Southeastern Iran, Bam, magnitude 6.5; Over 26,000 killed.

- Feb. 28, 1997: Northeast Iran, Ardabil, magnitude 6.1; Over 1,100 killed.

- May 10, 1997: Eastern Iran, Birjand-Qaen, magnitude 7.3; Over 1,560 killed.

- June 21, 1990: Northwest Iran, Roubar, magnitude 7.4; 50,000 killed.

- July 28, 1981: Southeast Iran, Sirch district, magnitude 7.3; 1,500 killed.

- Sept. 16, 1978: Northeast Iran, Tabas town, magnitude 7.7; 25,000 killed.

- April 10, 1972: Southern Iran, Qir district, magnitude 6.9; Over 4,000 killed.

- Aug. 31, 1968, Northeastern Iran, Dasht-e Bayaz district, magnitude 7. 1; Over 10,000 killed.

- Sept. 1, 1962; Northern Iran, Buin Zahra town, magnitude 7.1; Over 12,000 killed.

- Dec. 13, 1957: East Iran Farsinaj district, magnitude 7.1; Over 1,100 killed.

- June 2, 1957: Northern Iran, Bandpay district, magnitude 7; Over 1,500 killed.

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