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Jun 28, 1:16 PM EDT

Former Israeli security men present plan for Palestinians

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Former Israeli security men present plan for Palestinians

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Conflict in the Middle East

West Bank road

JERUSALEM (AP) -- A group of retired Israeli security commanders are pushing a plan that they hope could break the deadlock with the Palestinians and create conditions for a negotiated agreement.

The Commanders for Israel's Security includes more than 200 retired generals and senior officials from police and security agencies.

Their "Security First" plan calls for Israel to complete construction of its West Bank separation barrier and relinquish claims to all land outside the structure - or more than 90 percent of the territory. It also recommends steps to improve the Palestinian economy.

Former Mossad official Rolly Gueron, one of the group's leaders, told foreign reporters Tuesday that this is not a peace plan or "road to salvation." Instead, he said it's meant to reduce friction and "open the door" to negotiations.

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