Feb 25, 6:35 AM EST

Erie schools back open after 4 frigid days as Pa. warms up

ERIE, Pa. (AP) -- It's back to school in Erie after four frigid days off.

The northwestern Pennsylvania city's schools are reopening Wednesday as temperatures are projected to reach the teens, with wind chills as low as minus-2.

That's a heat wave compared to conditions Tuesday morning, when temperatures hovered near zero and wind chills were projected to hit minus-30 or colder.

Erie students haven't been in class since last Wednesday. They'll make up missed days in June.

Warming is expected across Pennsylvania, with many communities reaching the 20s and 30s. A high of 38 degrees is expected in Philadelphia, 35 in Harrisburg and 29 in Pittsburgh.

Despite that, three schools in the Pittsburgh area - Obama, Peabody Early Childhood and Quaker Valley High School - are closed due to water main breaks.

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