Apr 28, 2:36 PM EDT

Biden implores Ukraine to do more to fight corruption

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden is imploring Ukraine's leaders to investigate and prosecute corruption that is rampant throughout the government.

Biden says in a video message to a global aid conference for Ukraine that Russia is most fearful of a Ukraine that can't be bribed or coerced. He says Ukraine must fight corruption so that people in Russia can see what's possible when a country truly reforms.

Biden is urging Ukraine's government to make use of new laws targeting corruption. He also wants Ukraine to pass antitrust legislation and improve election laws to ensure government is held accountable even as more autonomy is given to restive regions in the east.

Biden's comments come amid frustration at the slow pace of reform to Ukraine's corruption-ridden economy since President Petro Poroshenko was elected.

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