Apr 21, 1:17 PM EDT

Newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch didn't cast the deciding vote in a case on Islam in public schools, despite the claims of several widely-shared stories

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch didn't cast the deciding vote in a case on Islam in public schools, despite the claims of several widely shared stories. The high court has issued no such opinion in the days since Gorsuch has joined its bench.

The stories shared by several right-leaning viral content sites, including Conservative World Daily and We Conservative, say the nine justices met and voted 5-4 in favor of allowing schools to only teach the history of Islamic terrorism. It also says Gorsuch advocated that "standard Judeo-Christianity" should be the only religion taught.

The court's website shows no such opinion being released since Gorsuch joined the court.

Gorsuch was sworn in as a justice on April 10.

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